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From the Vault: Exiled March 18, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Spoilers.
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Today Wizards of the Coast announced From the Vault: Exiled. Basically this is a special edition set, similar to From the Vault: Dragons (click to see my video).
The set will contain 15 cards that have yet to be named and comes with its own custom set symbol. To help shed some light on what might appear in this set here is link to the banned and restricted list. Since I’ve been around for only 1/5 of Magic’s lifespan I won’t pretend to know what cards will be included in this set. I also have no idea about the artwork above. So please help me shed some light on this release.



1. frylockdude - March 18, 2009

The artwork is almost certainly Balance.

2. Mark Ian - March 18, 2009

Yes, I agree. A very nice take for the art of the card. I assume cards like Necropotence and Memory Jar. I doubt it if they’ll put cards that are more expensive than the retail price.

3. Gemini6Ice - March 18, 2009

The cards are tournament legal even though they’re banned? Or is it cards that ONCE WERE banned but are no longer?

4. Zack Litzsinger - March 18, 2009

I wouldn’t count on it being $35. I remember seeing FTV: Dragons for $100 somewhere. Bad deal. 😦

5. Thayer - March 18, 2009

I would say the card is serra angel , but it could be balance if balancec is in M10. The problem is, balance isn’t tournament legal in standard, and the article said these cards are all tournament legal now.

6. Aaron - March 18, 2009

No way they’ll put balance in “11th”. way too powerful. maybe it will just be a box set of banned cards. that would drive up the prices of the older stuff.

7. Calvin - March 18, 2009

As usual, the key is to preorder it.

8. Bryant - March 19, 2009

I posted my guesses for the 15 cards. The card in the sample has to be balance. I hoping for a foil lightning bolt!


9. Norm - March 19, 2009


I believe that tournament legal means that the physical cards from this special release are legal to play in tournaments where the “card name” is legal to play.

Does that make sense. Maybe someone else can explain it more clearly.

10. frylockdude - March 19, 2009

A “Tournament Legal” card is a card with a black or white border and a normal back. The only non-tournament-legal cards ever printed were Collector’s Edition(gold bordered backs), World Champion decks(gold borders and different backs), and Unglued and Unhinged(silver bordered) minus the lands.

11. Spirit of the Night - March 20, 2009

There are different types of “Tournament Legal.” One of them is Standard, also known as “Type 2.” Some other formats are “Vintage,” (formerly known as “Type 1”), “Legacy,” “Extended,” “Block,” “*Pauper,” “*Singleton,” “*100 Card Singleton,” “*Commander,” “*Prismatic.”

If there is an * beside the name of one of the formats, then it is a “Magic the Gathering: Online” format type.

12. CopySix - August 7, 2009

FtV:E card list now out in the open ! Awesome foily goodness contained within.

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