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Conflux Review: White March 21, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Conflux.
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My selected review of Conflux White as found in the full Visual Spoiler.

Before I start this white review I want to say that Conflux got some amazing cards in this color. I won’t pretend that I’m the first one to point this out, but keep in mind that I’m not choosing these cards as the best in this color.

Mark of Asylum
Can we say hello to the replacement for Burrenton Forge-Tender? No. Ah well almost then. Although with people playing less Bitterblossom we might see enchantment hate find its way into the sideboard and less of it at that. So Mark of Asylum could be an interesting alternative to the forge-tender especially against red deck wins or the new kithkin vengant variations. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen more of this card because it has advantages.

This would be really awesome in the Verudian Enchantress deck Ben Belewis made when he did the building on a budget column a few years ago.

Mirror-Sigil Seargent
This has got to be one of the best casual cards in the set. If I were to build around this card I would use the above enchantment, fog the world and wait until I have a bunch of guys. Too bad I haven’t collected any yet. You know what else I like about this card? Trample. That is what makes it work. Resolve a Time Stretch and smash.

Path to Exile
I wasn’t going to include this card in my initial review. Mainly because everyone is talking about it and it is quite obvious that this cards is going to  be one of those cards that will always be around. Yes forever. So if you are a casual player who is kind of like ho hum when it comes to white. If you are going to trade it away don’t undervalue it the way I undervalued Kitchen Finks. Just saying.

Sigil of the Empty Throne
I love this card. I just wish it was easier to play. There was an awesome enchantement deck that Ben Belewis made back when he wrote Building on Budget called The Two Ladies. Sigil of the Empty Throne wouldn’t fit in that deck I was just reminiscing.

I’ve been sitting here thinking of how I could build around this card and I can’t really think of a situation. I mean the fact that you need to put other enchantments into play to get the Throne to trigger is the main issue. Maybe there is a casual Legacy deck with those creatures who are enchantments until an opponent plays a creature. That would awesome. Otherwise… sorry Sigil of the Empty Throne you are just a really cool card with some potential that currently has very low possibility of seeing play. Maybe Alara Reborn will be your Salvation.

Wall of Reverence
Oh you awesomely maddening card. I need a Path to Exile or Terror or Oblivion Ring to deal with you. I see you sitting there and my Stillmoon Cavalier is the only hope I have of whittling life away as you gain, gain, gain. That was me as a faced a Wall of Reverence at FNM this week. Wall has certainly made its mark in the competitive realms. Gaining life every turn even one is awesome.



1. CopySix - March 21, 2009

White is seeing a definite improvement over the last year and is finding it’s way into my decks. Great write-up as per usual.

2. Cory - March 21, 2009

White is used so prevalently now that when I play my black death deck bad cards like corrupted roots are actually pretty good.

3. Lunashine - March 22, 2009

At the con prerelease I opened up a mirror sigil sergeant and thought “damn, why do i just have to pass it to another guy…” but I got a wall of reverence in return and the lifegain was hilarious. even after some really good local player I know dished out over 42 damage to me in one match, I survived due to the wall.

I also totally love the sigill and tried to build a deck with it. to be honest, it worked totally fine, but due to the many ways my friend abused quillspike my angels couldnt stand a chance. The deck used runed halos, o rings obviously, bitterblossoms and gravepacts. maybe sigil will really shine when we get that enchantment block so many ppl think about.

4. Norm - March 22, 2009

Lunashine, I’ll have to build with Sigil.

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