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Alara Reborn – Prerelease & Release card spoilers March 23, 2009

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Thanks to CopySix’s hound dog like research in digging up the spoilers for Alara Reborn‘s Prerelease and Release cards. You can check out his post here. The cards were translated from a French Alara Reborn poster.

Broodmother Dragon

Creature – Dragon (Mythic Rare)
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a 1/1 red and green dragon token with flying and devour 2 into play
Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, *53/145

I just think we found a viable application for Goblin Assault! WOOT!

I’ve got to give Wizards of the Coast a high five for the great work with Dragons in this block. Solid creatures that I really want to collect. Broodmother Dragon is all around awesome. Now if you could only delay your opponent from playing Bitterblossom until turn six…

Knight of New Alara

Creature – Human Knight
Each other multicolored creature you control gain +1/+1 for each of its colours.
David Palumbo, *70/145

I find in interesting that the official knight of new Alara is only green and white, but that is where my criticism stops. Almost like a light within that is going to have some real power in a completely multi colored block. I can’t wait to get my playset of this guy because he is going to be hot.



1. CopySix - March 23, 2009

Broodmother Dragon looks good – I should think it would be a lot better within a deck with mana accelerators – by turn six, it may not matter how decent this card is. Hopefully your Goblin Assault is not removed from play before this comes out.
Knight of New Alara looks OK too – again – it would be better with more board presence (giving itself a boost as well). This really can never compare to Wilt-Leaf Liege. This Knight is making a Wooly Thoctar even beefier at a 8/7 and if you were lucky enough to have a Noble Hierarch out, this exalted beasty would swing for 9/8 . . . nice – I might want want.

2. Lunashine - March 23, 2009

All this dragon stuff hopefully is enough for some time now. Not that I dont like weird 1/1 green and red tokens, but make some room for creative creature types.

“Now if you could only delay your opponent from playing Bitterblossom until turn six…”

why that? Id say you pack 4 of your own bitterblossoms in the deck so that your newborn dragon babys allways have something tasty to eat. sprouting thrinax and dragon fodder also seem a fine choice for me. nonetheless, definitely my favourite dragon up to now.

the knight doesnt seem a powerhouse to me, but that might as well be somekind of sleeper card. but still… I still prefer a 4/4 wilt leaf liege with discard protection than a 2/2 that beefs your guys. Sure, doran now gets even +3/+3 out of him, but I stick with the elf chick.

3. Norm - March 23, 2009

So I think you guys are right. I’m over valuing the knight at the moment. I didn’t think about playing bitterblossom to sac to your dragons. I also just realized the dragons can sac to each other.

I think Broodmate Dragon is still the strongest of the bunch in this block.

4. Chris H - March 24, 2009

Just a FYI, thats a bad translation for the dragon, its every upkeep.

5. zoul1380 - March 30, 2009

very nice can’t wait for the release!

6. adgokou1983 - March 31, 2009

The Knight may not be the better choice in G/W, or any other two color deck, playing a Fusion Elemental, Child of Alara, or Progenitus with an additional +5/+5 is pretty powerful.

7. Timmy the Johnny - April 1, 2009

your missing the point, big critters loose their bigness once they get to a certain point, the smaller creatures in standard benifit better from this. ripclan crasher is 4/4 haste, rohx warmonk- 6/7 lifelink and curves beautifly, deft duelist- 4/3 first strike, jhessian infiltrator 4/4 unblockable, bears just got good people, just dont let it get pathed (path to exile) might i recoment hindoring light

8. Shaboom! - April 1, 2009

Timmy! Like your style matey Jim Bob! Clever, yet with a touch of synegistic brutality. My cup of tea exactly.

9. Fred - April 4, 2009

what works great with empyrial archangel?

10. fred - April 4, 2009

anybody there??

11. Timmy the Johnny - April 6, 2009

1 path to exile
2 counter spells
3 cruel ultimatum
4 figure of destiny
5 cryptic command
—you get the picture
thanks Shaboom!

i think we may see some pro standard decks try to run 5 colour ramp, the best cards of bant ramp and jund ramp plus cruel ulti. and the rest of them

you may have to search pretty deep tho i dont think you could do it well so it’ll suck

also KNight of new alara isn’t a new card they just modded rafique

12. Timmy the Johnny - April 6, 2009

anyway they should make a set that has these creature types in it instead of all this colour crap, i mean theyve done so much colour already

lhurgoyf, ouphe, mutant, ooze, horror, shapeshifter
human— the can be against all the freaks
artifact creatures— and they can be against all the flesh bags

it’ll be such a great storyline
and it’ll give the neglected creature types some love

13. Lunashine - April 7, 2009

well I really dont know… horrors, oozes and shapeshifters appear from time to time, and alara was full of humans. what exactly would different creature types do?

would they make the next tribal generation with lhurgoyfs and ouphes? like what “door to brokenness – artifact – 4: lhurgoyfs you control get +1/+1 for each card type in play and gain trample” Ah I know, youre looking for the legitimation to reprint tarmogoyf, allright, way to go.

Timmy the Johnny - April 8, 2009

i hope they dont go strait to the standard, green cards are big with trample, blue is broken counter spells etc stareotypes.
maybe they could go with somesort of ” remove all ouphes form play put */* mega ouphe mush token into play (*/* equal to all the Power + toughness of the removed ouphes)

shapesifters would be blue and be changlings i guess.

but unfortunately they should never reprint tarma too broken they care about their products metagame. if the reprinted it they would just be doing it coz they’d make heaps of money

14. Norm - April 7, 2009

Fred, there are a lot of cards that work well with the archangel. If you are looking for a casual deck I’d try to use Angel’s Herald or perhaps dramatic entrance. If I were going that route I’d probably play 8 couter spells and use hindering light.

Timmy the Johnny, I love tribal themes. So I would be happy to have them focus on the more obscure tribes. I also would love to see scarecrows come back and have more impact. I just opened a random Shadowmoor pack today and so I was thinking about them during lunch.

Lunashine - April 7, 2009

one of my friend also thought so and scarecrow was his fav tribe, so we built a deck with it. we used lorwyns race lands, changelings and a few scarecrows. its a hilarious deck and everytime I see it work I still question myself how its possible with that manabase 😀

15. Anthony Vincent - April 8, 2009

I would run the knight in my dark bent deck if it was a 3/3 or if its ability boosted itself too, sadly it dies to fallout just like Teeg. 😦

16. Quazi Pance - April 10, 2009

I think the most amusing way to use this knight would be:

play heavy mana acceleration/draw with some good counterspells, get two of these guys on the field in a hurry (now they can’t be fall-out-ed. Then get Progenitus out a during your opponents 5th or 6th turn with dramatic entrance. swing for 20. win the game.

also, I would definitely play scrapbasket. pay 1 it becomes an 8/7 scarecrow.

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