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Conflux Review: Black March 24, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Conflux.
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My selected review of Conflux Black as found in the full Visual Spoiler.

I’ve got to say that I think black got the shaft in this release. I’ve gone over these cards a few times trying to pick my favorites and there is very little I’m excited about. Not to say that I think these cards are bad, I just feel uninspired by them.

Grixis Slavedriver
I really like the fact that you get an extra 2/2 creature with the slavedriver. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more cards with Unearth that give you extra creatures. That sort of ability would make unearth a lot stronger. You would have to wait for the payoff but still not bad. Six mana for a 4/4 is a little rough.

I could see a deck that wants to discard Grixis Slavedriver, Unearth and get the free guy. Kind of slow and awkward though.

Kederekt Parasite
Proabably the best, or one of, black creatures in Conflux. If for some reason your opponent has no way of eliminating Kederekt then you are as good as it is going to get the win. Actually this guy really supports Jace and other card drawing machines. How about Forced Fruition. This is a guy you can build around and really make it hurt.

I haven’t seen any serious tourny builds with this guys so leave a link in the comments if I’m missing something.

While Nyxathid can die to draw, I feel he is especially strong in limited.  Where you (meaning your opponent) usually aren’t keeping a full hand and more than likely to be out of cards late game. What Nyxathid offers in “potential” threat is just as strong as the current size of the creature. Keeping cards in your opponent’s hand when they are afraid of the big guy.

I had to play around one recently and it was a little tricky. Waiting for the right moment to block or cast a spell so I wouldn’t get overrun by this guy. Looks like Kresh is even having trouble dealing with it.

Pestilent Kalthari
This bird isn’t amazing by any means but I do want to give him some attention because he can be used well. If you can keep your mana open, you maybe able to trick your opponent into not attack or blocking. This guy can be really efficient against an exalted deck. Getting in the one first strike damage with Deathtouch. For me he has bought me a few turns where my opponent is afraid to attack and loose the big guy.

Sedaxis Alchemist
First off I love the art on this guy. It is really creative and I love the mood and execution.  Bouncing a permanent can be really effective in draft or limited, slowing your opponent down a turn. He does have his drawbacks but I think it is a fun card.



1. Nick Davis - March 24, 2009

A few more black options would have been fun, though I’m fairly satisfied with a majority. A couple I really liked that weren’t mentioned were Rotting Rats and Yoke of the Damned. The Rats are absolutely nuts with Nyxathid and give you an option to discard more unearth. Yoke of the Damned has got to be one of my favorite limited cards as it makes your opponent make some decisions.

2. Ryan - March 27, 2009

I actually really love Grixis Slave driver. If I run him with rotting rats, early game I can just discard and then unearth him for a 2/2. Late game I can hard cast him and then he just NEVER GOES AWAY.

And rotting rats. Oh my god! Rotting Rats!!!

3. Dillon - March 29, 2009

If you look at drafting you see Pestilent Kathari as a very annoying creature. Wretched Banquet is a very sick removal card from Conflux as well. Also, the Alchemist is usually a win condition in limited.

If you don’t draft esper, you don’t get the ridiculous cards in the set.

4. Julian - April 6, 2009

Although it’s a swamp, island and mountaint hybrid, I’ve found Kederekt creeper to be a fantastic choice in my black deck, having death touch and only being blockable by two or more creatures has kept many opponents suffering damage instead of blocking. I’ve also found blood tyrant to be effective when played right, especially in games with more than one opponent. I’ve been able to get him up to 25/25, thrown in with trample and flying, he’s one nasty guy.

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