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Alara Reborn Speculative March 25, 2009

Posted by Norm in Alara Reborn.
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I’ve been thinking about the future and Alara Rebon espcecially Ardent Plea, and I’m not really sure what to expect out of this next set. I’m excited for the few cards we’ve seen so far but I’ve been kind of disappointed with the bulk of Conflux. I really haven’t been using it as much as I thought I would and outside of a few major cards (and all the fae killers) there hasn’t been a general sense of awe from this set. So that leaves me feeling trepid about Reborn.

Maybe I’m just feeling odd about the new release because of the weather, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.



1. Gemini6Ice - March 25, 2009

I personally love five-color, so I thought Conflux was funtastic. The WUBRGs and WUBRG enablers made it awesome!

I was bored with the Outlander cycle though.

2. Lunashine - March 25, 2009

Im surprised how very similiar I think. Except from a very few things like noble hierarch, or path to exile, there wasn’t really anything new there. sure sure, we got nicol bolas, but that didnt quite did it for me. alara reborn looks exactly the same from the first impressions, but ok you cant really judge about it yet. allthough… everything multicolored? aha… wake me up when something interesting happens…

I mean, seriously, multicolor is a mess already, flooded over and over with stuff, its nothing special anymore like it happened to be. more random rare dragons pop out like crazy, forcing ppl to either go jund or naya in draft or loose, while there are no cards that could really help cards that have so much hidden potential (empty throne, hello) .hopefully this reborn junk will end this madness. But I dont want to complain nonstop, It should be said that the artwork is first class eyecandy.

I guess I start with ala reb to not buy booster anymore, its such a waste of money. I never get the cards I want anyway, and after opening 4 copies of “conflux”, and not a single path to exile, that actually did it. except for the pre release ofc, that cant be missed since its so much fun.

is it just me or is this a superslow rumor season this time? I heard something of wotc employees getting fired because it WAS obvious they were lurking in the forums, providing us with tidbit information about future sets. Well cant be helped… In the meantime I spend my time in making shards posters and wallpapers, I actually found a liking to it 🙂

3. cadenadebronce3 - March 25, 2009

I think Conflux has brought to us the best one drops of the entire Alara Block, I mean Bloodhall Ooze, Kederekt Parasit, Noble Hierarch, Path to exile, and others taht look really good designed for me… I think Alara Reborn multicolor block has nothing to do with one drop spells, because of its entire multicolor set theme. Perhaps Wizards show us again hybrid mana or split cards, or even flip cards for the one multicolor drops or they have invented something new. But I think the best one drops are already in Shards and Conflux. Personally I think Conflux completes perfectly the flavor of Shards and of the block, despite I like monocolor or two color decks rather than multicolored ones.

4. MOMOMOM - March 28, 2009

I think Conflux was in the top 10 in the sets of all time, But the problem was, TOO MANY BAD RARES, I mean, come on! Cythian SunSinger?? WTF, And the Mythics, they were unbelievebly good, i mean, like, Mealstrom Archangel, Apocalypse Hydra, Malfegor, PROGENITUS!!. I
I think that conflux is pretty good, considering the mythics

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