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Alara Reborn – Sphinx of the Steel Wind April 11, 2009

Posted by Norm in Alara Reborn, Spoilers.
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Sphinx of the Steel Wind just in via twitter and a heads up from Jacob of Gathering Magic.


The artifact version of Akroma, Angel of Wrath, although we are trading trample and haste for lifelink. Finally a Mythic rare that we can really sink our teeth into. Sphinx of the Steel Wind costs two more than Sharuum and is equal to Sphinx Sovergn. Both of those cards have seen play and are sought after in limited. So by that comparison I would much rather have the Alara Reborn Sphinx over both of those two.

Since this is the equivilant of an artifact Akroma, the casting cost is a lot more difficult. Master transmuter is going to be a huge asset in getting this Sphinx in to play early. Can you imagine a turn 5 Shpinx that need some specific tech to remove. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see this combo at competitive tables as soon as Reborn is legal.




1. Jacob - April 11, 2009

Nice. Thanks for the shout out.
I like the twist on the Akroma.
Flavor text these days just rocks.
Props to whoever does that at WotC 🙂

2. Lunashine - April 12, 2009

very beautiful she is, both flavor and artwork-wise. at both ala and con prereleases, I opened only total esper junk. If I get her at reborn, sign me up to go all out with esper.

3. EricCha - April 12, 2009

Hehe…”Why should I spare your life?”

4. Neunnisertult - May 20, 2009

Solid website! Will visit once again.

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