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Shards of Alara Block Constructed April 12, 2009

Posted by Norm in Block, Constructed.
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Happy Easter folks. As I said before I’m back in my hometown this weekend visiting my parents and my old haunts. Last night I was able to meet up with Rick for a few games of constructed and Jace vs. Chandra. We went 2-2 with the duel decks, whoever played first seemed to have the advantage.

mark-of-asylumWell as I promised earlier I took a look at a few block constructed ideas. My first thoughts were to organize a plan around Master Transmuter or something Nayaish, but I got distracted by the idea of using Necrogenisis to swarm your opponent. If there is a good build with Necrogenisis I didn’t find it yesterday, too much of a plan b card. So after spending some time with deck building my best strategy is white weenie exalted. The main problem is that there are no one drops I want to play in this build. So version one of this deck has creatures that I think will work well together with some protection from noncombat damage in the form of Mark of Asylum. I don’t think that naturalize will be main deck or even in the board for a lot of decks in this format. Since it is so early and we don’t even have the full list of Alara Reborn I could be wrong.

On a side note I’m going to be very interested to see a format where counterspell has very few cards. Control is going to be hurting in this format, a lot. So we may see a shift from the fast past of the current standard to a slower longer game. Maybe games were turn one and two aren’t as important because they will be about setting up your mana. I know that sounds really bad but I’m kind of thinking out loud here.

So back to my deck. Here is the list, keep in mind this is v.1 untested.

2x Battlegrace Angel
4x Aven Squire
4x Knight of the White Orchid
4x Sigiled Paladin
4x Akrasan Squire

4x Mark of Asylum
4x Oblivion Ring

3x Elspeth, Knight-Errant

4x Path to Exile
3x Martial Coup

24x Plains

So like I said I think I can get away with this list by running Mark of Asylum. Oblivion Ring and Path are the spot removel I’ll need to keep my attacking path clear. Otherwise I’ll just fly over with the Squire and Angel.



1. CopySix - April 12, 2009

Nice looking build . . . Mark of Asylum has saved my MTG butt more times than I can count.

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