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Polling the Pittsburgh Magic Community April 14, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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This is a post for Magic Players in Pittsburgh.

I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling the lack of locations to play Magic in the greater Pittsburgh area. It seems crowds come and go at my local shop, CCG’s, in Bloomfield. Currently we are are going through a drought of reliable places to play on my side of the city. Phantom of the Attic used to be the place to go but it seems that their lack of comfortable game space and commitment to magic is a problem. With the history of players in this area and local of all the colleges I’m surprised there isn’t a definitive magic shop in the city. However there are new stores and places to play cropping up all over. From casual games or drafts to the best place to play constructed, there is a lack in information flow(in my opinion).

So to all gamers reading this I’m wondering if you would find a resource useful that is a collection of where to play magic in Pittsburgh? I’m talking about a pretty simple and straightforward website that can keep an up to date calendar and list of stores in the burgh. From FNM to DCI events this would break it all down.

I’ve wondering if people would use a site with this info. So leave a comment with your thoughts. Or if you are interested in working on a project like this let me know.



1. frylockdude - April 15, 2009

I’d definitely enjoy this feature. It actually seems kind of hard to find a sanctioned standard tournament in the area.

2. CopySix - April 15, 2009

Looks like there really is only 5 places within the GPA . . .

3. Norm - April 15, 2009

CopySix, I know that information is wrong. There are places in the North Hills and Mr. Nice Guy in Oakmont is considered the best store in the area.

Trafficking this type of information is where Wizards falls short. Their web organization is really confusing when it comes to events, especially DCI events.

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