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Alara Reborn – Glory of Warfare April 17, 2009

Posted by Norm in Alara Reborn, Spoilers.
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I was just checking my google reader and saw Glory of Warfare for the first time on Top8Magic.com. Wow. This is a must have for my Kithkin deck that I’m probably going to take to regionals. Glory of Warfare makes token decks rethink themselves for sure. Springjack Pasture anyone?

Actually I’m really glad I’ve been collecting Goblin Assault. Whew, Glory of Warfare just made my day!



1. Nick Davis - April 17, 2009

HECK YEAH! I can’t wait to use this card! I’ve got a jund token thing going, but I may go naya just so I could use Martial Coup. GOODNESS THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

2. RileyScott - April 17, 2009

oooh! so many fun possibilities

3. CopySix - April 17, 2009

Awesome card : ingredients = 100 % WIN.

I’m buying ALL of these cards so you guys will be unable to obtain a deck set . . . sorry – I’m an a$$.

4. Eric - April 17, 2009

Awesome Card For Naya XD~

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