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Alara Reborn – Cascade April 20, 2009

Posted by Norm in Alara Reborn, Spoilers.
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Today we get a look at Wizards official how to videos regarding new mechanics for Alara Reborn. Check out the video on Cascade.



1. Gemini6Ice - April 20, 2009

Am I the only ones who finds these primer videos completely unnecessary?

I guess for audio learners it’s a good thing. An FAQ is really more than sufficient, for me.

2. Brian Muse - April 20, 2009

“What’s a converted mana cost? I’m glad you asked!”

Lol, this video seems to dumb it all down just a little too much.

3. Teardrop - April 21, 2009

in my opinion those videos are good, and sufficient in explaining it to beginners. Wait, beginners won’t find those videos on the Main Page because nobody can find anything on this behemoth of a website.
So, yeah, probably unnecessary.

But “What can be more fun than free random spells?” is easy to answer: Everything.
I like less luck in Magic, not more. Free random wins and losses are not what I am looking for with MtG!

4. Norm - April 21, 2009

I repost these videos for beginners or people who might be coming back to the game and need a mechanics refresher. Honestly I play a lot of kitchen table games where the basic rules are easily forgotten by players who haven’t played in a while.

I think Wizards could make these videos a little more engaging but I understand that they are trying to get the info across as clear as possible.

5. Gemini6Ice - April 21, 2009

I guess my thought process is that anything said by the people in the videos could be said BY ME to my friends. And an in-person explanation would probably be more effective (since questions can be asked and answered).

6. Nick Davis - April 21, 2009

These videos are awesome tools to give beginners a crash course on upcoming sets. I think they are great. It’s also nice to be fed *how* something works, rather than having to read it all.

7. CopySix - April 21, 2009

I do think that these videos do have a purpose and are welcome among many newer players. HOWEVER – these new vids est tres fromage . . . I’d like to punch Sam in the throat.
Could we please have Brandon Bozzi back . . . that guy was cool – – I’ll even take Ken Nagle over Sam.

8. Norm - April 21, 2009

CopySix, I wonder who they are trying to reach with their choice of actors. I would guess these videos are made buy a corporate guy who works in a office.

9. messels - April 21, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAAHA. these are so random. and super stupid. y would a new player even be on the mothership? i don’t think i went to the mothership for about 1 or 2 years after i’d already been playing. (and i rarely go now–there’s close to no point). wizards.com/magic is the WORST site in the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD for finding information quickly. hahahahahaha. i can’t stop laughing.
SOOOO retarded.

10. qqq - April 22, 2009

Well… a lot of times my brain turns off when I read things like “this item on the stack,” so seeing a video of the new rule in action helps me.

And, everyone is dead on about how difficult the MTG site is to navigate.

11. Jeff - April 24, 2009

this video still does not explain an important anomaly about cascades:
What if you never find a card in your deck with converted mana cost less than the card you played????
At this point you have removed your whole deck from the game. Do you deck yourself and lose, or do you shuffle everything back into your deck?
Has no one else noticed this?

12. Norm - April 24, 2009

Jeff, I don’t think you would deck yourself. Because you can choose not to search for a card with cascade. I could be wrong but I don’t think the game would check for cards in your library as you resolve that ability.

Laminate - April 24, 2009

Its kind of like the ruling for Goblin Charbelcher. The ability does everything that it can in its power. If you reveal your entire deck without revealing a playable card or if you choose not to play it, all the revealed cards are put in a random order on the bottom of the library. Basically you just shuffle your library and then let the spell resolve.

13. Laminate - April 24, 2009

Cascade is very similar to other WYPs effects alerady out. (Counterbalance or Demigod) What I want to know is if you play a card with cascade and your opponent responds by countering your spell, what order does the stack resolve?

A good player would say whether he/she counters it before or after the cascade resolves in which case there is no discrepency.

I would assume that if someone says in response without declaring when he’s countering, it implies you’ve passed priority to him and that cascade should already be on the stack.

Obviously this is important for conditions when storm counts or graveyards matter.

Also, cascading before putting the cascade spell in your library could get you a game loss.

14. Mahako - April 28, 2009

After playing three pre-releases, I’ve abused the heck out of Cascade. I ended up with a Maelstrom Nexus and Cloven Casting in two out of three, an Enigma Sphinx in one, and a bunch of other stuff with Cascade. It was fun to test my luck most of the time (when it didn’t result in an O-ring I had no target for or a Lavalanche (X=0 for Cascade).

At one point, I was really stuck. I had an Ethercaste Knight equipped with a Mask of Riddles. My opponent had a 4/4 Arsenal Thresher and a tapped Tower Gargoyle. Neither of us had a hand. Needless to say, I was stuck and he was slowly beating me to death. I drew into a Demonic Dread and played it on his Arsenal Thresher, which Cascaded down (past three lands that I didn’t need) to a Skeletonize, which took care of his flyer. After successfully connecting with my Knight, the Mask drew me the Unsummon I needed to take care of that big Arsenal Thresher. It turned the tide and made the game for me.

I almost had the ultimate Cascade play. At the beginning of my turn, I had the Maelstrom Nexus and the Cloven Casting in play, was holding a Deny Reality, and had enough mana available to double it. That would have been a triple Cascade! After my draw step, my opponent hit me with an Esper Charm and wasted both the Deny Reality and the Slave of Bolas that I drew. Then he busted my Nexus and I was pretty much done after that.

It was a lot of fun, got me some wins, but more often than not just caused longer games. I got an unusually high rate of rubber-matches which ended in a draw. In general, I just lacked the efficiency to pull it off but then again, I’m mostly a “casual” player and only play a limited amount of limited ;P

15. Andew - May 16, 2009

when i bought my first alara reborn booster i received a card inside fully explaining the rules of cascade, but i’ve misplaced it and have forgotten some stuff. i can recall the card saying that when you play a spell with cascade you remove cards from your library until you remove a card with converted mana cost less than the original spell disregarding it’s timing limitations. i guess my question is, when you have an enchantment like Maelstrom Nexus (which gives the first spell you play each turn cascade), if you play an instant during an opponents turn (thus being your first spell of this turn) and the card you are allowed to play for free is a creature can you play that card even though it isn’t your turn?

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