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Alara Reborn Release Event May 8, 2009

Posted by Norm in Alara Reborn, Organized Play.
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I wasn’t able to make a prerelease event this time around because of a busy schedule and other factors (like the Penguins clinching their second round playoff spot). So last weekend I did make sure I could participatein a release event at my local shop. The scene was sketchy at first because we only had 7 people when we were supposed to start, but a random person in the store and a covering of costs from one of the other players got us to the minimum. I forget the name of the guy who did cover the cost of the extra guy – thanks dude you deserved the first place finish.

I went 2-2 playing Jund colors with a lot of removal. I thought I would be able to keep the path clear while I could get my creatures through. I felt my deck was ok but all my shards rares were scattered and not really playable, included a Crucible of Fire, rawr. I did have some interesting esper rares from my Reborn packs but I didn’t feel like I had enough blue or black for the build. As I’m writing this I’m wondering if I could have made it happen in esper.

When I opened my Reborn packs I really wasn’t expecting how difficult it would be to whittle down my main colors. I think my lack of solid rare cards was contributing to that fact. So I was pretty flexible in what was possible. Looking at all the multicolored really was overwhelming when I didn’t have a good sense of the cards. I know my fault for not studying up in advance.

One thing I did do while playing this event was experiment with a different shuffling system where I don’t table suffle as much. I think it worked ok for the first two games and then after that I really had big clumps of land. Hense the mana screw of round three. In game three of that round I mulled down to four and never drew more than one land the whole game. Ugh.

In retrospect I wish there were more Reborn sealed events happening in my area because I’d love to play more of the format. I’m a huge fan of this set. It is by far the most interesting and powerful in a long time. I wasn’t expecting such a great set at the end of this block.

Check back starting tomorrow as I kick off my Alara Reborn Reviews.



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