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Alara Reborn Review White-Blue May 9, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Selected review of Alara Reborn White-Blue cards as found on the full visual spoiler.

Aven MimeomancerAven Mimeomancer
So for three mana you can start to turn you lesser minions into 3/1 fliers. Not a bad deal. Especially if you are playing with something that can generate flying tokens, Bitterblossom, Spectral Procession, Goblin Assault. Sprinkle a little Glory of Warfare or Glorious Anthem and your ready to rock.

I find the casting cost/interesting ability ratio to be very appropriate. I think this could be a great sleeper card in limited and a lot of fun in casual decks. Three mana for a three power flier isn’t bad. While it dies to every burn spell it is a lot of fun if you can protect it. We are in Hindering Light colors.

Ethersworn ShieldmageEthersworn Shieldmage
I think that a lot of people have been missing the prominent presence of creatures with flash sine Time Spiral rotated out of standard. Always being weary of attacking into a deck you know has flash creatures and open mana. OK, so I don’t miss flash terribly. I really like the Shieldmage especially because I’ve got a Shards block Esper deck floating around. I’m looking forward to see how this Wizard can make me play more agressive. Attacking into a bunch of blockers or chump blocking something annoying. Obviously if your opponent has any artifact creatures this isn’t going to do much for that strategy.

Filigree AngelFiligree Angel
While potentially awesome I think this angel costs too much to see a lot of play. This artwork in my opinion is probably one of the best in this set. Very powerful and stunning image, awesome job.

If you can abuse the relationship this card has with Master Transmuter then you’ll most certainly own your opponent by gaining tons of life each game.

Talon TrooperTalon Trooper
Hi guys I’m a two three flier for three. Awesome. This guy is going to win a lot of games in draft and he is going to be hard to deal with. Your opponent will certainly have to be packing resounding thunder or branching bolt to shoot this bird out of the sky.

The one drawback is the White-Blue casting requirement. Which is a little more than just three mana. But I don’t think that will be too much of an issue with the mana fixing floating around.

Unbender TineUnbender Tine
I’m actually on the fence about the usefulness of this card for four mana. On one hand it is an artifact, can help you accelerate to six mana on turn five, if you are playing this with band gets your exalted attacker back for defense. On the other hand it cost four mana with a two color requirement and is kind of clunky.

However seems like a fun card and could work really well with Master Transmuter and Filigree Angel for some life gain or getting a few big creatures into play quickly.



1. Michael Rawdon - May 9, 2009

Aven Mimeomancer combos nicely with Vithian Stinger, or anything else which can shoot a creature for 1 point of damage: Now you can kill one of your opponent’s creatures each turn. “That Godsire you have? Now it’s a 3/1 flyer. Now I kill it. Sorry.”

2. RileyScott - May 11, 2009

Hey,m I never thought about using it against the other guy. that card just went up in my opinion

3. Norm - May 11, 2009

Ya really cool creature. I’m looking forward to getting some interesting uses out of it.

4. jms. - May 12, 2009

so far as U/W is concerned. did you see this:

also, i think hindering light is pretty sweet. counter cruel ultimatum much? “yah, i’ll draw a card too. sucker. you just paid 7 mana…fo’ nuthin’!” 😉

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