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Alara Reborn Review Blue-Black May 11, 2009

Posted by Norm in Alara Reborn, Casual.
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Selected review of Alara Reborn Blue-Black cards as found on the full visual spoiler.

Illusory DemonIllusory Demon
Whenever I see cards like this I always have an initial knee jerk reaction. Why would I want to sac a creature at such a seemingly insignificant moment. But that is when I think to myself, yes, why would I want to do that – and the wheels start to spin. A 4/3 flyer for three mana isn’t something to snease at. This guy could get it for a few beats before the need to cast another spell or mid game when you want a strong guy to draw some of your opponent’s ire and cards.

As far as other synergies Hissing Igunar or those other lizards could be a few options. Ther is also that conflux enchantment that sends a creature the the graveyard when another creature goes to the yard.

Lich Lord of UnxLich Lord of Unx
This card slipped past me during the spoiler season and I haven’t heard much about it recently but this has to be a sleeper card to make some waves. Two mana for a token seems ok. But the four mana to make your opponent loose life and put cards into the graveyard, whoa – awesome. Yes he is vulnerable but he’s in blue, protection colors. We also have Death Baron and Lord of the Undead to pump this guy.

I’m imagining plays where my opponent is loosing the game to the life sucking Lich Lord, and you don’t even need to attack. What a great card.

Mask of RiddlesMask of Riddles
I have a lot of respect of this little piece of equipment. Might be the second best equipment behind Behemoth Sledge. In limited this owns. There are few options to destroy and if you are playing these colors you are most likely packing other artifacts. Naturalize is looking really good right now.

I’m kind of out of things to say about this card. I mean how do I say fear plus card drawing are good other than they are.

Mind FuneralMind Funeral
Thinking back to Lich Lord of Unx, Mind Funeral has to nestle up close to that zombie and purr like a kitten. What a potential deviating card in draft and limited.  I’m thinking you could easily get 8+ card per Mind Funeral. Playing this on turn three could be huge especially if your opponent is looking for land or a creature to draw into.

I’m happily considering library destruction decks because of these two cards.

Nemesis of ReasonNemesis of Reason
If only this could have been a Zombi. You can’t have all the cards go to a tribe I know.

So library denigration has been the theme of Blue-Black in this set. I’m excited to see this card with a reasonable casting cost and a really devastating ability. Two attacks in limited and your opponent is going to be hard pressed to recover. The five mana cost of this card is particularly resonable as well.

Soul Manipulation – Honerable mention
I want to give a quick props to Soul Manipulation. I think it is a decent card that could surprise some folks who aren’t looking for it.



1. Nick Davis - May 12, 2009

Soul Manipulations is crazy fun! Thinking about putting one or two in my Cruel Swans deck for the sake of digging up post-hate swans. FTW!

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