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Magic 2010 Update May 12, 2009

Posted by Norm in Magic 2010, Spoilers.
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Yesterday Wizards of the Coast gave us a little up date on Magic 2010.

magic-2010-booster box

In this update we get a sneak peak at the box art. No new cards were spoiled but we did get a look at two new artworks and were given the task of guessing which one will go on an old card and new card. I haven’t looked around the net to see what other people are saying so here are my unfiltered ideas.


If this is a reprint then I’m thinking something like a wrath effect, perhaps Wrath of God or Armagedden. Although it could be a circle of protection card, but I don’t think so because my first gut reation was that little wizard made that big hole. I’m thinking that this is the new art. Could be a clever ability on a 1/1 wizard like; when ever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ablility destroy all other creatures. Kaboom. They should print that in rules text, KABOOM.


Well my first reaction to this card is Circle of Protection Blue. Otherwise I really don’t have any idea about reprints. If it is a new card could be something interesting like, protection from wave creatures. I mean, this creature can block an additional blue creature, protection from blue.

The coolest thing about this artwork, and I didn’t notice it at first, is the footsteps left in the water. There is no way that little guy will be hanging 10 anytime soon.

If you are a spoiler fan you probably already know MTG Salvation has their M10 spoiler page sarted. So, until we have more spoilers you’ll have to settle for looking at this handsome guy.




1. lennyp - May 19, 2009

I’m really looking forward to this set. Especially since I absolutely hate Alara Reborn. It is nice to see them making core sets worth buying again.

2. apatke - June 9, 2009

the first one looks like something to do with this new indestructable ability thats popping up everwhere. maybe it would be an enchant on a creature with less than a certain power becomes indestructable until end of turn.

the second looks like something to do with stopping the water from moving; footprints left. so circle of pro blue seems like a good idea; or a creature with the ability to prevent a land source from producing mana

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