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2009 Pittsburgh Regionals Top 8 May 18, 2009

Posted by Norm in Constructed, Organized Play, Tournament.
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If you study the following picture closely, you will notice two things.


1. My name is not spelled Hoelsman, it’s Huelsman.

2. I MADE TOP 8!

So suck on that BW Tokens I beat you three out of four times.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win in the finals and did not earn a ticket to nationals. I’ll have a more detailed tournament report coming up but I wanted to share the news this morning as I took a day away from the internet yesterday.

I haven’t seen the coverage posted on the Wizards of the Coast site yet but I’ll link when it goes up. If you want to take a look at my deck list I basically played mono white Kithkin.



1. MTG Mono White Kithkin Standard/Type 2 Deck - Regionals Top 8 - May 18, 2009

[…] Source: Casual Magic […]

2. Nick Davis - May 18, 2009

DANG!!! Congrats man!!

3. RileyScott - May 18, 2009

Congrats man, that is awesome!

4. Josh Horton - May 18, 2009

hey, im josh horton, one of the guys that also top 4ed if you wanted a detailed list of what everybody was playing in the top 8, i was playing my own build of r/u/w swans, narchus was playing u/w lark, lance was playing b/w tokens, tober was playing w/b/r kithkin with tauren mauler (which is suprisingly amazing in there), thorn was playing some build of lark, dave cleveland was playing captin crunch aka b/w/g tokens with sigil captin, marsh flitter, and murderous redcap, and sadly i dont even know who justin is so i cant help with that list

5. Josh Horton - May 18, 2009

and congrats by the way, i honestly wasnt expecting to make it after losing the very first round… anyway for anybody wondering my list was
4 reflecting pool
4 vivid creek
3 vivid crag
3 cascade bluffs
4 shivan reef
3 mystic gate
1 adarkar wastes
2 island
1 mountain
3 plumeveil
3 swans of bryn argoll
1 razormane masticore
4 ajani vengeant
4 jace beleren
4 cryptic command
2 remove soul
2 negate
3 broken ambitions
2 seismic assault
4 pyroclasm
3 volcanic fallout

3 glen elendra archmage
1 oona, queen of the fae
1 razormane masticore
3 runed halo
1 negate
1 volcanic fallout
2 celestial purge
1 swerve
2 wrath of god

6. CopySix - May 19, 2009

Congratulations Norm ! !
Glad to see a Kithkin build still making it to Top 8.

7. Norm - May 19, 2009

Josh, Thanks. I would have stuck around longer to watch the other final games. But we needed to get out of there because it was so late. Thanks for your deck list.

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