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Casual Magic on Twitter May 26, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.

I first started on twitter about two years ago, after reading a blog post from @JustinKownacki, friend and founder of PodCamp Pittsburgh. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive, mainly because I thought it was incredulous that other people would want to know what I’m doing all the time. We’ve come so far since then, understanding the power of global conversation at instant speed.Which is basically what Twitter is.

Until now I’ve only used one main twitter account, @MrDirby. As of this weekend I’m going to start to use a second twitter account for Magic, @CasualMagic. The reason is that the Magic community has taken twitter by storm over the past few weeks, which has been pretty awesome. I’ve realized that as I use my regular account to interact with my other new media communities I’m creating a lot of noise for those following me for Magic. Unless you want to here about my normal shenanigans you can just follow me @CasualMagic.

So are you thinking about joining Twitter but aren’t sure why? Well I’ll tell you that there are a lot of great people from the magic community tweeting away. Here are a few of the MTG folks I follow:


You should all know @CopySix by now. Fellow blogger on MTG-Realm.


Wizards of the Coast writer who also blogs on Five with Flores and Top 8 Magic.


If you are unfamiliar with Evan Erwin check out his videos on YouTube. Quite possibly the best review of the current meta game and what people are playing.


Finally Magic designer Mark Rosewater.

These are just a selected few people I follow specifically for Magic. So please follow @CasualMagic and say hi.



1. Ben Carlson (@bccarlso) - May 26, 2009

It’s been super fun/crazy to watch the Magic-sphere explode on Twitter over the past couple of months. Seeing “Magic celebs” pop up on Twitter left and right has been exciting, I’m glad it’s reaching that level of expansion.

2. Nick Davis - May 27, 2009

*cough* @ccgtradepost *cough* 🙂

Great list! I’m following them all and it’s quite fun seeing their updates. one of my faves was Maro doing a play by play of a few games with coworkers USING SUPER SECRET CARDS!!!!

3. CopySix - May 28, 2009

Don’t forget to follow Monty Ashley and Kelly Digges report from behind the scenes at DailyMTG.com on the Twitter (http://twitter.com/dailymtg) – they did provide a spoiler once and there is no end to my amusement on the office nerf-wars in the Wizards of the Coast building.

4. Norm - May 28, 2009

I’ll admit there are a lot of MTG peeps I follow on twitter. Sorry I didn’t have time to list them all. @ccgtradepost was one of the first.

Feel free to list your twitter profile in the comments.

5. crmerry - May 28, 2009

Man, I didn’t want to, but now I think I will have to do the twitter thing. Too many good ideas are being bounced around by lil’ birds to ignore.

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