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Weekend Blackout & What I’m Playing June 2, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I reget the lack of posts the past few days. This weekend my appartment was without power so I’ve been struggling to get caught up and get a few posts together. A weekend without power is weird at first and then kind of fun as you have to do everything by candle light, and then really annoying at the end.

bike-engineOn a nonmagic, personal note, I did get a chance to work on my motorcycle with some buddies. We had to take the engine off the bike and replace gaskets on the top half of the engine. The photo is right before we took the engine off the frame. Hopefully next week we’ll have it running again.

Back to Magic and what I’ve been playing recently. After looking at other regional decks that made top 8, I was really intrigued by this Esper build with Master Transmutor. I have really liked the possibilities with Master and have experimented with it myself in the past. This past Saturday I played with it at a WPN nonrated event at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I wen 2-0-1, with the first win against Kithkin (which was basically mana screwed both games), a tie against another kithkin deck using basically Lorwyn Block tech, and a win against a black red controller with Thought Hemorrhage, Lord of Extinction and Maelstrom Pulse.

Filigree-AngelThe really exciting play is to get Master Transmuter out on turn three and next turn play either Scourglass or Sphinx Summoner fetching Sharuum or Filigree Angel. Other cards that are really awesome are Thousand-Year Elixir and Elsewhere Flask. At first I didn’t get Elsewhere Flask but if you have a turn two Flask and turn three Esperzoa then you can really power into your cards for a lot of advantage. On the whole I didn’t really like Esperzoa – I felt that I would have always rather had another creature, but he fills that three drop if you don’t have either Master of Etherium or Etherium Sculptor.

What I haven’t figured out is what to do if the draw is too slow or you don’t get Master Transmuter. Anyway if you are looking for something interesting and unsuspecting to take to a FNM I’d give this deck a look. I didn’t have all the cards in Tony’s decklist and I did make one substitution adding Sphinx of the Steel Wind, awesome.



1. Ben Carlson - June 2, 2009

Yeah, that definitely looks like a pretty fun deck to play. I thought I read somewhere that someone played the deck like an aggro deck for the most part, and that’s one reason why Esperzoa is in there, and then the little mini combos kind of back that strategy up, but can’t remember where I read that.

Oh, and sorry for the fanatic Red Wings tweets recently, hope they aren’t too offensive to any Pens fans. 😀 All in good fun, I hope!

2. Norm - June 3, 2009

No worries on the Red Wing’s Tweets. I’ve been dishing out my own Penguins support.

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