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Zombie Funeral – The Decklist June 9, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Constructed.
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I’ve had some form of this deck on my mind since I first saw Death Baron when Shards of Alara was released. Now with Lich Lord of Unx at the center I believe we have a deck worth playing. My other attemps to put this deck together always fell short as a purely tribal deck with no win condition other than smash to the face. Lich Lord and Mind Funeral change all of that.

Lich-Lord-of-UnxFor two mana and a tap you can put a 1/1 zombie wizard token into play. Lets consider this a moment. While this ability isn’t as strong as Selesnya Guildmage, pumping out multiple creatures per turn, it does cost less mana and lets face it you don’t want to be attacking with Lich Lord anyway. With a Fatestitcher in play it is possible to get more than one guy out of Lich Lord per turn. What really gets me excited is the second ability, milling your oppent while they simultaniously loose life. Everyone, at some point, dreams of this sort of a win condition. Playing the Megrim with Howling Mine and etc. On Lich Lord we have something similar all wrapped up into one nice ability that can be played multiple times per turn!

Here is the deck list:

Death Baron x 4
Fatestitcher x 4
Festering Goblin x 2
Lich Lord of Unx x 4
Rotting Rats x 4
Sedraxis Alchemist x 4
Stonybrook Banneret x 4

Agony Warp x 4
Mind Funeral x 4
Unsummon x 2

Mistvein Borderpost x 4

Island x 10
Swamp x 10

Honestly not a terribly complicated deck, really my style with 1v1 games in mind. I think this strategy is pretty cool because I can stay up on tempo with Unsummon, Sedraxis Alchemist and Fatestitcher and hopefully disrupt a little with the rats while I’m setting up the Lich Lord and Death Baron. I considered Deny Reality but I felt that it would be too little too late, no that free spells are a little but I’m not going to be cascading for the win condition. So that is why I went for Unsummon, less versital perhaps but easier to play.

One card that I’m probably missing is Lord of the Undead. Bringing back my zobmies like Sedraxis Alchemist and Rotting Rats really helps me get more out of my cards as well as continue disruption. The thing is that I don’t have any of this card. I should probably look to CCG Trade Post or Card Drifter to pick up a few (if you have any for trade let me know). Honestly Lord of the Undead is probably better than Death Baron and I probably should be running them both. Except for the fact that Lord of the Undead isn’t a Wizard and I get a lot of value with Stonybrook Banneret saving on the mana cost in most of my creatures.  That thought might be worth discussing as most of the cards are pretty cheap and I might use that spot better with two additional copies of Unsommon and Festering Goblin.

Anyway I haven’t really had a chance to playtest yet so let me know what you think.



1. CopySix - June 9, 2009

Very nice – Love that Megrim + Mind Funeral play.
When you get a hold of these cards and get around to playtesting I hope to read your report.
I’ve not dumped any of my Zombie cards just yet as I am still hoping that a strong archetype evolves.

2. qqq - June 25, 2009

I say throw in a Nemesis of Reason for fun.

Casual Magic, right? Throw in a 1 in 60 chance of ridiculousness.

3. Norm - June 25, 2009

qqq, you have uncovered my secret weapon.

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