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M10 Spoiler Collective June 26, 2009

Posted by Norm in Magic 2010, Spoilers.
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Since I’ve been unable to keep up with the many M10 spoilers that are avalible I thought I’d put out a few links to sites I’m keeping an eye on.

As always MTG Salvation has a really solid collection of the spoilers.

Another blog site that I’ve come to enjoy is GatheringMagic.com. They have a nice comprehensive spoiler page.

And MTG Realm who I’ve come to think of as the MTG Prophet. Since Copy Six seems to be able to read in all the laguages they print Magic, as well as his ability to dig up the good stuff.

Finally the official Visual Spoiler with nice images of the cards.



1. CopySix - June 30, 2009

Hah ! – That’s just awesome Norm. Really – it was just a daydream that happened to evolve into the Great Gatherer Gaffe of 2009. I bet there are never again harsh with the folks over at MjMj.Info again (that Japanese MTG site) for such a similar mistake.

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