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M10 Prerelease & Launch Parties July 20, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Magic 2010.
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This weekend I was lucky enough to play a lot of Magic. Launch party Saturday and Sunday followed by a draft of M10. Collecting the new lands is a goal of mine and building decks that I otherwise wouldn’t touch, like mono red in draft and blue control in limited (don’t do control by the the way it is a loose loose IMO). Regardless the fun factor has been very high.

At the prerelease I had a luke warm experience with the cards. Rare’s including Shivan Dragon, Nightmare, Haunting Echoes, and I can’t even remember what else. I ended up playing black green with about 5-6 removal spells and Overrun. I finished 2-2 out of prize range. There were so few people at the Prerelease it was kind of sad. While I was familiar with most of the players I yearn for the days with the big events, multiple flights, etc. I do want to share this photo I took while at the event.


Pour one out for you mogg homie.

I had a lot more fun with the Launch Parties. Saturday at my local shop I played blue green with a focus on counter magic since I had about 6 counter spells. I don’t suggest anyone going this rout in the future if you hope to win a match. I did have a lot of fun playing the deck and one play I was able to gain 20 life with a Bountiful Harvest and Twincast.

My assessment on sealed and draft is that white has the best removal followed by black. Drafting in white Excommunicate, Divine Verdict, Pacifism, Safe Passage, and Harms Way are very strong. That is five cards mostly at common and in draft if you can collect enough you will have a lot of answers. I did ok with few creatures forcing mono red in draft. Fireball is good.

How were your M10 experiences. Is the set living up to the hype?



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