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Garruk vs. Liliana – Duel Decks July 21, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Today Wizards released images of the upcoming Garruk vs. Liliana Duel Decks.


I find it very interesting the way the new art looks. Less realistic and more cartoonish. Don’t get me wrong I think they both look great. I’m wondering what other alternate art we can expect in this release? Perhaps a new Giant Growth or Overrun.

I’m expecting that these deck lists will be very similar to what is used in Duels of the Planeswalkers. Seems like a good strategy to capture the younger audience Wizards is going for, the less intense art supports that thought for me too.

237_garrukpromo 237_lilianapromo

While I’m not surprised in the fact that Wizards is making it easier for people to collect Planeswalkers it seems that they are easier to come by now a days. Giving them out as alternative product incentives, duels decks, reprints in M10, etc are all ways for you to get your hands on the cool flavor permanets. I’m sure everyone who is keeping score has noticed that the highly competitive cards are not getting pumped out so easily, *caugh* Ajani Goldmane *caugh* Elspeth *caugh.* But I will say that it is interesting how each planeswalker can quickly sway to and fro from being highly playable. Garruk used to be top dog, and Tezzeret and Sarkhan Vol hyped as they were have saw extreemly little competitive play. Sarkhan Vol in my opinion just needs the right support… I’m getting off topic.

Anyway I’ve enjoyed the fun the Duels Decks bring, especially when visiting with my brothers and we need something not serious to play. However, the Duel Deck I’m waiting for is Sarkhan Vol vs. Nicol Bolas – bring on the dragon storm.



1. Rick - August 21, 2009


2. bob - November 2, 2009

im deffently getting that duel deck

3. joseph - April 7, 2010

ive already got these decks, but i got them for loads more. i payed £16
for this but on amazon it was £9!

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