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Casual Magic Remembers Scarecrows July 24, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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This week my apartment is getting a little renovation. Well it isn’t really renovation as much as a fix to the hole in my ceiling because the landlord let a leak go untended. The leak is in our dining room where I also keep a shelf full of magic cards. Now in general I’m pretty good about keeping my cards organized, so when I had to get everything covered up for the demolition it was a short but efficient task for me.

One thing I tend to do is keep deck ideas open on a shelf. This just sort of happens – I’ll get an idea not have all the cards and set it down until I can get back to it. Or I’ll get a deck made play it and then put it on said shelf for easy access. Today while organizing that shelf I found my scarecrow deck from Shadowmoor.

reaper-kingEver since putting the deck away I’ve had scarecrows on my mind. Remember when the creature type was first spoiled? What excitement and speculation was wrapped into that type. Some even said they would bring back affinity. Knowing what we know now that is laughable. Seriously for me scarecrows were such a great idea. I tried playing the deck that sucked for weeks because of my infatuation with Reaper King.

I kept telling myself that Prismatic Omen makes it all possible…

Well since picking up that deck list I’ve got another idea. This maybe possible now thanks to Polymorph and a bit of better deck building on my part. So with out further adieu check out Scarecrow 2.0:

Reaper King x 2
Scarecrone x 4
Scuttlemutt x 4
Heapdoll x 4
Pili-pala x 4
Esperzoa x 4

Prismatic Omen x 2
Polymorph x 4
Innundate x 2
Primal Command x 3
Negate x 3

Forest x 12
Island x 12
(land does need some work :))

So the plan is to get out a Reaper King as soon as I can play Polymorph. Innudate works well with Reaper King because if he is out any creature your opponent plays is ready to fall with your hand full of scarecrows. Primal Command works really well in getting Reaper King, Scarecrone or Esperzoa.



So as I’m revisiting this idea, I’m realizing that this isn’t going to work because I forgot exactly how Polymorph works. Kinda bummed because I thought I was onto something really exciting. Still working out some ideas, like using ponder with more Reaper Kings and more Primal Command. Less creatures…

I’d also like to wish everyone who is at Nationals good luck. I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the coverage via Twitter. I was one match away from qualifying for nats so I’ll be watching with longing eys.



1. marc - August 11, 2009

i use a scarecrow deck. i love it.
i use master transmuters, to bounce in and out grim poppet. with reaper king in play thats good destruction.
also i use a cauldron of souls with tatterkite. and scarecrone.
i sacrifice the tatterkite with persist to draw a card and destroy something. this is also nice with the poppet. cos then he comes back with 4 counters on him. allowing reaper king to destroy stuff 😀

2. Norm - August 15, 2009

Dang how did I forget Master Transmutor I love that card.

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