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Rules Details – No More Final Cut July 24, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Organized Play.
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As a Magic Rules adviser I’m on the rules clarification chains from Wizards. Honestly I don’t know who the people are who answer the questions (the whole system is really confusing to me), but never the less I get them and they are great resources of information. Yesterday I received the following clarification on a rule that was dropped and flew under my radar.

From now on after you present your deck to your opponent and they shuffle your deck, you don’t get a final cut. Here are the details:

We have purposely removed that final cut, after careful consideration of many factors and a fair amount of discussion.

There has been some question about this decision already; some expressed concern that we’ve removed a player’s best opportunity to prevent their opponents from manipulating their library.  That’s not entirely true; your best opp to prevent that is “Judge! he was doing funny stuff when he shuffled my deck!!”

You are responsible for randomizing your deck before you hand it to your opponent.  Your opponent is also responsible for further randomization.  If both meet their responsibilities, then the final cut is pointless.  If either fail in their responsibilities, get a judge involved.

So there you have it. This rule is something I didn’t catch first time around wanted to make sure eveyone is aware.



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