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Tonight I played constructed August 6, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Constructed.
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Tonight I went to play at a local shop, Mr Nice Guy Games, where I’ve never played before. I recently learned about their Wednesday night constructed with excellent prizes. I finished 2-2 out of the main prizes (a box of m10 going to #1, woot!) but picked up a random prize Nicol Bolas play mat. Ya good deal.

I played a cleaned up version of the Red Lightning deck I’ve been talking about. I was unfamiliar with the meta game there and I was really looking to test the red deck so game on. Being a new player to mono red I’ve got to say first off that the pure power of red when you have the right hand is really exciting. A starting hand of two or three lands with solid drops four turns in a row can really destroy your opponents game plan. Ball Lighting is serious and usually got in for 6 (at least tonight). I played with Lightning Elemental, which I felt was my weakest creature, at four mana and kept a few fireballs in the sideboard.

Each match I won came at 2-0 with decent opening hands and little mid game action, meaning I won quickly and finished with a Flame Javalin or hasting creature. Each match I lost went 1-2 where I did mull down to 6 for the final loss. I felt that my inexperience with this deck was in making opening hand decisions. I probably should have mulled to 5 cards a few times.

Match one I lost to basically a G/W exalted deal splashing for Rhox War Monk featuring Baneslayer Angel. The Angel is one card where I didn’t have a good answer. It is basically a two for one against me. I lost the match because I believe I kept bad hands.

Game two my deck and hands were hot. Playing a four color cascade hybrid with vivid lands. I was never really in trouble against this deck and I felt that the mana was very complicated and it was trying to be too much of a control deck that couldn’t slow down my early beats and late burn.

Game three I played another red deck with Ashenmoor Gouger. I felt that my creatures were just a little bit faster and I was able to stay in control and up on tempo both games. I felt that we had almost the same decks but I just had better draws.

Fourth round I played another red deck with a lot of the same cards but he was playing green with Rip Clan Crasher (probably Bloodbraid Elf, although I never saw one) and Colossal Might. My opponent was able to generate almost the same kind of explosive early turns that I could. Game one he just had the tempo and I didn’t have a great hand to start. Second game was probably my favorite of the night. We both had good opening hands but I was able to keep huge tempo with drawing double Magma Spray, one for his Ball Lightning and Hellspark Elemental. I won with double Boggart Ramgang and Ball Lighting etc. The final game he had a really strong opener and I mulled to 6 keeping an iffy hand.

All in all a fun night of constructed. The top two finishers were playing Elves and Time Sieve. It was really interesting to watch the Time Sieve combo go off. I might have been able to beat it but I didn’t get a chance.

Overall for me it was a great chance to hang out in a store with a lot of Magic happening simultaniously. Constructed downstairs and teem drafting happening upstairs. Fun night.



1. CopySix - August 6, 2009

Excuse me – a box of M10 going to the finisher ?? – Holy cr@p that’s good – how much to enter ? I almost want to drive the six hours from Canada to play there.
Sounds like a really solid play with your red deck – I’m sure you have plans to tweak it against the local metagame.

2. Norm - August 6, 2009

My tweak against the local meta game would be to play faeries. But I might try Kithkin next week. Keep them on their toes.

The entry fee was only $10. Great deal. My biggest problem is that it is about 25 minutes from my house and the event starts at 6pm. Which doesn’t leave a lot of time for me to get there in rush hour traffic.

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