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Zendikar – Textless Basic Land Island August 11, 2009

Posted by Norm in Spoilers, Zendikar.
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As promised more textless land spoilers from Zendikar.

zendikar-textless-island1 zendikar-textless-island2

And here is the regular version:

zendikar-textless-island1b zendikar-textless-island2b

But before I let you go I want to take a closer look at the first full art, and contemplate a comment cadenadebronce3 left yesterday,

Now, I know what that strange pyramid expansion symbol means… it shows the poligonal structures that apppear in Zendikar lands… what about talking about an Azthec theme in Zendikar?… I think that’s not the theme as I suspected… Now I see a real mystic and mathematical plane with a theme based on randomness or rolling dies or something like that… What do you think about it?

Seems like a valid and interesting theory to me.




1. CopySix - August 11, 2009

I suspect those pesky portals at work in Vincent Proce’s full frame Island art.

2. qqq - August 12, 2009

Man, Proce’s art is incredible. Getting the “textless” islands/swamps from him definitely makes it worth getting a basic land in a booster.

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