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Zendikar Spoilers – Sorin Markov Revealed August 30, 2009

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Last week we got the final bit of rules text for Sorin Markov. One of three new planeswalkers in Zendikar. If you read my previous post when the art was spoiled you know that I had a feeling this guy was going to be a planeswalker. After taking a few minutes to consider the card I’ve got to say I’m having mixed feelings. First the good.

What I like is that the first ability is a guaranteed, once per turn, Vicious Hunger. Not shabby at all, even if you leave it open to execute on your second main phase after combat to finish off some wayward blocker. I also like that you can build up to 8 loyalty, activate the ultimate and repeat without loosing the card. Controlling another player’s turn is also just awesome. My final thought on what I like is the art. I know I said this in the last post but that art is killer.

What I don’t like about Sorin is the casting cost. He is going to have to sit in an almost mono black deck unless you are the 5 color control player who has access to all the colors. Even with Lorywin/Shadowmoor rotating out will make more that two colors hard to play. And while that isn’t really a big deal I’m wondering if the casting cost is too much.

Finally where I’m really on the fence with this guy is the middle ability. In my mind I keep thinking that by turn six I hope my opponent is already at 10 or less life. But at the same time I’m thinking what about some sort of black control deck that keeps the board clear and when your ready to make your move you only have 10 life points to worry about. This ability will be especially awesome in mutiplayer games where there is that one guy who always goes up 20 life and is really unreachable by the end of the game. Even taking a few opponents down would be interesting. This could also work in your favor bumping you up for 1 or 2 life to 10 entering the mid game when you finally stabilize. That ability would be pretty awesome in a faeries deck for sure, too bad that deck is rotating. All on all I’m not totally sold on that second one. We’ll see how it plays out.

So those are my initial thoughts on Sorin Markov. What do you guys think?



1. Derek - August 30, 2009

Um, you can’t target yourself with the second ability (target opponent) but mono black has a decent amount of lifegain as is; otherwise I think you are dead on with your thoughts. I’d like a playset to mess around with, but not for the presale price.

2. Norm - August 30, 2009

Dang your right. I should double check the rules before I go off on a tangent.

3. /cadenadebronce3 - August 30, 2009

I agree with the fact that this is a planeswalker designed for mono black control. Expensive mana cost but it can end the game by itself. I think it could be some surprising deck built around it soon.

4. tsikei - August 31, 2009

sorin is not to powerful because of the last ability..just think about it elspeth,garuk,liliana,ajani,chandra jace, all the lsat ability are to powerful right??!!

Adam - October 15, 2009

wots more powerfull than controlling you oppents turn?

voraba - January 16, 2011

killing him

5. cade - September 7, 2009


6. wild bamboo - September 30, 2009

just remembered nice card:
Hidetsugu’s Second rite

7. Big Bob - October 4, 2009

He’s going in my Orzhov deck instead of the two Angels of Despair. His first ability – almost like a permanent Blind Hunter effect – is worth his inclusion alone.

8. joe - November 29, 2009

i got this card in my first pack of magic (yes i am pretty new) and thought : this is awesome! That card is in my black deck and i have used his second ability (it could be useful in the right timing) in order to reduce the life of my opponent (he just kept on gaining life) then i used blood tribute and vampires bite on guul druz vampire and because he did not have any blacks the intimidate won (56 – 10 – 5 -0 ftw)

9. joker jack - February 11, 2010

awwww joe thats pretty fuggin awesum i envy yew imma a noob but i want it sooooo bad it would be boss to control him withmy lilianna vess

10. joker jack - February 11, 2010


11. Ben - March 28, 2010

I played in a draft and made top 8. I got one booster as a prize and pulled this guy. The best thing is I had drafted black vampires and allies splash green for Harrows and a couple green allies so I had the makings of a vampire deck already. With a few trades I walked home with a mono-black vampire deck with Sorin Markov. Thanks Sorin, for paying for my draft.

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13. luke - June 21, 2011

The 2nd ability in question really pays off in a straight vamp deck! With Guul Draz, Bloodghast, and Vampire Lacerator, those cards really profit! Gull Draz get +2/+1 and has intimidate, Bloodghast gets haste, and Vampire Lacerator does do your life any harm all as a long as your opponent has 10 or less life!

14. Beverly - November 8, 2012

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