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Drastic Inquiry Results September 3, 2009

Posted by Norm in Constructed.
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Yesterday I shared a Grixis Deck, Drastic Inquiry, that I was bringing to a standard event tonight. First off this was a really fun deck to play. Its unique and unexpectedness was a great asset tonight. However it is a tricky deck to play and without any time to play test the first few matches were a bit dicy learning the ins and outs. I’ve also never played a deck with such a dynamic mana base. So there was an additional learning curve for me.

Over all the deck is very competitive. Even when I lost I was grinding it out and if I could have had more mana or creatures at the right time I could have won. The deck is also capable of some very dramatic victories. The key is finding the right moment to play Burning Inquiry. The other key ranadomly discarding the cards you want in your graveyard. 🙂

I finished the night 1-3, disappointing but not a complete failure as I was learning the new deck. If you want more details on the night let me know.


1. peetee - September 3, 2009

More details please! I built this on MTGO last night after reading your post and played a handful of games. (My mana base was slightly different, for the worse, since I didn’t have the Graven Cairns or the Vivid Marsh.)

The card I was most eagerly anticipating (Drastic Revelation) was slightly disappointing. Not because its effect wasn’t powerful — it was — but because tapping out to cast it meant that I couldn’t do anything else that turn to further my agenda. For a deck that relies on wave after wave of creatures crashing in for damage, taking a turn off to restock gave my opponents time to stabilize.

I plan on playing it some more in the coming days. It’s nice that it won’t lose much to LRW/SHM rotating in a month, too.

2. Norm - September 3, 2009

peetee, I’ll look into writing more when I get a chance. I was thinking the same thing about Drastic Revelation. Ponder might be better and I was thinking about a Mind Rot effect to let you chose what to put into your graveyard. Too bad Mind Rot cost 3 mana.

3. /cadenadebronce3 - September 3, 2009

Rats that appeared in Conflux with discard and unearth abilities could match perfectly in this deck. I’ll try to build up something about unearth, too.

4. MTGBattlefield - September 15, 2009

Drastic Inquiry Results…

Your story has been summoned to the battlefield – Trackback from MTGBattlefield…

5. Mark Ian - September 18, 2009

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