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Zendikar Draft FNM Style November 7, 2009

Posted by Norm in Draft, PTQ.

Zendikar Draft

Rise of the Eldrazi Artwork

Tonight I played in my first Zendikar draft, and I got my ass handed to me. I didn’t win one game, and in fact I didn’t even come close to wining one game. All I kept saying the whole night is how dissapointed I was in my deck. I’m torn between being dissapointed and chalking it up to a learning experience. One of those nights when you have a fist full of mana and enough mana on the board to cast all your spells. This happened to me at least once a match.

I found myself pulling allies. I had more that one of Stomework Puna, Makindi Shieldmate, Urara Raptor and Ondu Cleric and a few other allies to boot. I thought I was in a really good situation after deckbuilding. I knew I was light on removal but I thought that I have a good build around 16 creatures. Wrong. I was also missing a bomb.

I do think that I had bad luck tonight with my draws and land flood but I don’t think the ally strategy is as bad as 0-6.


Tomorrow is the regional Zendikar Sealed PTQ. I’m going to have to pass on this one due some external influences. Good luck to everyone I know going to compete.



1. bbbb - April 1, 2010


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