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Standard Goblins Report January 16, 2010

Posted by Norm in 52 Decks, FNM.
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Last night I was able to roll out the goblins. I went 2-1 in a 6 man non sanctioned constructed FNM. Didn’t see any Jund, Bushwacker, or tokens decks so to be fair I feel this is yet untested but a really fun deck that has great potential.


4 Goblin Chieftain
4 Goblin Guide
4 Seige-Gang Commander
4 Warren Instigator
2 Goblin Bushwhacker
2 Caldera Hellion


4 Burst Lightning
4 Lightning Bold

4 Dragon Fodder
1 Eldrazi Monument
3 Panic Attack


20 Basic Mountain
4 Teetering Peaks

I think the biggest threat to the deck is early disruption. If you keep a two land hand with Instigator and some other goblins, a lot hinges on that Instigator connecting turn three. If you don’t draw land or other threats you can just sit there with nothing to do. Which happened to me a few times.

Another weakness is to an  Earthquake, Jund Charm, Marsh Casualties or Wrath. If you get your nuts draw with Instigator into Goblin Chieftain and Siege-Gang Commander your opponent can wreck you next turn with a board sweeper.

Round 1 vs Vampires

On game one I had the awesome sauce. Warren Instigator on turn two with Chieftain and Siege-Gang in hand. I killed something with a bolt when attacking with Instigator and opponent scooped em up right then.

Game two I get a turn one Goblin Guide and we enter into a battle of attrition trading creatures and trying to get the advantage. I play Siege-Gang and Chieftain and get him down to 8 life when he stabilizes. I was really hoping to get a Panic Attack here. It would have won me the game on the turn I needed it. He is gaining life with tendrils and Nighthawk and stabilizes. In the end I drew way too many lands and he gets Malakir Bloodwitch.

Game three I get an Instigator out and drop a Siege-Gang. This is where I get blownout by Marsh Casualties. I think I get another creature but he has Gatekeeper of Malakir. Again I was drawing into too many lands. At this point I’m wondering if 24 is too man in this deck and I should cut a Teetering Peaks or Mountain.

Round 2 vs Standard Dredge (Crypt Combo)

Game one I get my good draw connecting with Instigator and Goblin Guide turn three. I spend removal to keep his Hedron Crab out of the way. I drop Siege-Gang and bring the beats next turn dropping him from 12 to 2 life. My opponent misplayed on his first turn playing a black mana instead of blue. Setting himself back a turn by not playing Tomb Scour turn one. He may have been able to slow me down a turn but he was dead anyway without removal.

Game two I have to mulligan and  keep an iffy hand. Looking at my notes I don’t know what I was thinking because I only dealt 2 points of damage to him the whole game and he gets his combo to go off.

Game three is interesting. We both mulligan and I keep a 1 land hand that is nuts – Goblin Guide, Instigator, Siege-Gang, Chieftain and Lightning Bolt. On the play I drop Guide and start the beats. He plays a Crab that gets taken out by my lighting bolt next turn. Then we are each stuck on 1 land for the next 5 turns. I’m really nervous at this point because he is able to play Tomb Scour and start to get setup. He gets land first and plays Rotting Rats. I get land next turn and finally play Instigator. His rats die and come back but he is desperately trying to get Crypt of Agadeem. Eventually I’m able to connect with Instigator dropping a Siege-Gang Commander. He gets to four mana and Crypt but I’ve got him pinned down and he dies to my Lightning Bolt. The turn 1 Goblin Guide is the reason I won that game dropping him to 10 before he could get anything going. I’m really confused about why I’m having so many mana issues. Must be shuffling out of sync.

Round 3 vs Home Brew Wall of Denial and Empyrial Archangel

Seeing his games in previous matches I thought he was running U/W Fog. I turned out to be wrong as he was running an interesting home brew with minimal control and zero fog spells. Basically he was playing shroud with Deft Duelist and Wall of Denial.

Game one I get a really slow start with Goblin Guide. However he doesn’t get wall or duelist. I see Iona, Shield of Emeria and Sphinx of Jwar Isle with guide. At this point I’m wondering what he’s doing because he hasn’t played any spells and Guide is just hitting him each turn. Eventually he plays path on the goblin then drops Empyrial Archangel, fortunately for me I’m able to play Siege-Gang, Dragon Fodder and Chieftan over a few turns. I swing in for 10 keeping Siege-Gang back. He might have a wall after that but he is too far behind against my tokens.

Game two I mull to 5 cards, determined not to play another mana screwed/flooded hand. Pays off because I get a solid hand with two land and the home team. He sides in flash freeze and counters two of my spells but he doesn’t get much going other than a late Wall of Denial. I’m able to land a Chieftain and Siege-Gang that go the distance.

I enjoyed playing against the home brew and I was lucky not to see a Deft Duelist in this match-up. It would have stopped anything I had early.

Closing Thoughts

I think that I’m going to cut Eldrazi Monument. I had it in hand a few times and I was ether not able to cast it or didn’t need it for the win. I’m not sure what would be right perhaps another Bushwacker. Also I think Mana Barbs is going into the Sideboard.



1. joshua - February 3, 2010

ever think of tuk tuk grunts they are solid 3/3 haste and get bigger with each succesive tuk tuk grunt not to mention warren turn 3 drop tuk tuk and siege

Norm - February 5, 2010

I haven’t. I’ll put it into consideration. Are there any goblins from worldwake I should consider?

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