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Worldwake Prerelease Recap January 31, 2010

Posted by Norm in Worldwake.
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I hope everyone was able to attend a prerelease this weekend. Worldwake took me to the Crown Royal Plaza hotel in Crafton, PA where the staff was friendly and generous. Seriously, a chef gave me free coffee and the woman at the registration desk hooked me up with a notepad after PES ran out of score sheets.

Shot of about half of the room.

The above photo was about a half hour before seating was posted. We had around 120 participants at our release. I drove Aaron from Buy More Cards and Erik from my local shop. We crammed into my truck whose close quarters let us get to know each other a bit more than we were expecting. Aaron was expecting to Open Lotus Cobra, Abyssal Persecution and Jace. He scored a cobra at the Zendikar Prerelease so his expectations were rather high. Erik and I were just happy to crack some new packs.

I went 2-2 on the day opening up with a 2-0 start before letting my perfect day dreams crash around me. My card pool was one of the better sealed pools I’ve opened. The removal was spread across all my colors I had Hideous End and Anowon, the Ruin Sage in black. Red brought the heat with double Searing Blaze, and singles of Magma Rift, Cunning Sparkmage, and Lavaball Trap. I really only had one removal spell in white with Iona’s Judgment. My blue was pretty scarce (thankfully) and I was even using Oran-Rief Recluse as removal in green, yes I did get to kick this guy.

As for creatures I didn’t open any bombs, Anowon would have been a bomb if I had vampires to back him up. However I only had a couple vamps to support him and the double black casting cost seemed like a dead card with my build. Black in general turned out to be my splash color, mainly for Hideous End (I know double black in that cc too). White had potential with lots of Kors but I didn’t feel right playing it with my pool when I had stronger cards and bigger creatures. My final deck ended up being Red/Green/Black with an Ally sub theme. The Allies didn’t seem obvious at first but once I settled on those colors the best creatures were allies. Before this weekend I totally underestimated Kazuul Warlord, but he just owns when he gets out with some other Allies.

Two cards that really won games are Searing Blaze and Bestial Menace.

I’m pretty sure that whenever I resolved either of these spells I was able to win the game. Blaze is just awesome for two mana. This spell had me keeping mana in my hand once I was around 5 land so I could either landfall or draw into this 6 total damage dealing card of awesome. Whats that, you just cast Vampire Nighthawk? Looks like instead of gaining life you’ll be taking three and waving bye, bye. Blaze is pretty freaking awesome. Bestial Menace is as good as it looks plus some. I said I didn’t have any bombs but this spell is super bombish. Getting three creatures for one is huge, a staple in any limited format for sure.

On a final note, Aaron had his flipcam with him and we did take some video. We’ll see if it was any good as early in the day we took some film and took less and less as the day went on.



1. Aaron. - www.Buymorecards.net - February 1, 2010

We can meet up and edit that video this week. i think the optimism was tempered by my disappointment of acquiring ZERO money rares. I guess too it was because I was spoiled at the ZEN prerelease (pulling two fetches and the lotus cobra)…

This time around – Of 6 packs i pulled the following rares:

Cosi’s Trickster (bleh)
Elemental Appeal (double bleh)
Turntimber Ranger (now totally playable though)
Jwari Shapeshifter (also I think playable)
Lodestone Golem (again, bleh)
and Lavaclaw Reaches. (which will be promptly sold)

Good news though, did get 2 plant tokes!

Norm - February 1, 2010

Ya just bring the video over next time you are around. Shouldn’t take too long.

2. CopySix - February 1, 2010

Sounds like a great time was had by all. I don’t think I really looked at Searing Blaze before – I’m agreed – pretty awesome card. I also pulled an Anowan but did not play him.

3. liz - February 2, 2010

Kazuul is supposed to be my MVP. But Roil Elemental ruined my plans. 😦

4. liz - February 2, 2010

Kazuul for the win! 🙂

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