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Worldwake White Review February 4, 2010

Posted by Norm in Worldwake.
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Welcome to my Worldwake White Review. Check out Worldwake in the full visual spoiler or on the Gatherer. The purpose of this review is to share thoughts and insights into a handful of cards, not identify the five best cards of a color. With that lets dive in.

Admonition Angel
When I first looked at this card I was struck not by the casting cost, power and toughness, nor even the landfalling oblivion ring action. But rather I was amazed at this amazing artwork. For a better look, and wallpaper click here. This is one of those illustrations where the longer you stare at it the more you see. I didn’t immdeatly notice all six wings or the long flowing hair or how awesome that sword is. High five Steve.

Now down to business six mana for the dragon like size isn’t too bad, especially considering the ability. However white is the slowest of all colors. It is possible to power this out I’m thinking of some of the traps decks, but that would require a top tier competitive deck. This could be particularly awesome with Endless Horizons guaranteeing you mana every turn after you play the angel.

Kitesail Apprentice
What is up with the apprentice aspect of this creature, because it’s 1/1? If so, what does a Kitesail Master do? Also the artifact Kitesail seems kind of weak when this guy is equipped with it. Only granting +1/+0. Maybe a Kitesail Master gets +4/0 when using a kite or has lifelink or something.

I really like this guy as a one drop because if you give him a machete or any decent equipment he is going to really beat down. Even with some of the lesser equipment in Zendikar getting +1/+1 and flying is a lot of bang for a single white mana.

Rest for the Weary
I don’t find Rest for the Weary extreemly remarkable, but potentially gaining 8 life is kind of a big deal for two mana. Stream of Life makes you pay a green plus one mana for every life you gain and Kiss of the Amesha costs six total mana for seven life. Dropping this spell on turn two after playing a land (assuming you have no other spells to play) is a really big swing that can give you a buffer from early aggro or something annoying.

When I first saw this card I immediately thought of my Sanguine Bond deck from a few weeks ago. Dropping this spell at the end of an opponents turn keeping your mana open for removal is a smart way to gain four life, or gain eight life with Ruin Ghost (see below).

Ruin Ghost
To me this is one of those spells that sits around and catches people by surprise. With the man lands in Worldwake as well as some of the comes into play tapped lands of Zendikar abusing this spell with a combo, bouncing Teetering Peaks or Kabira Crossroads, could be quite interesting. Heck, if you are going to work out a combo then why not play Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and start bouncing Mountains. That will end the game real fast.

In a more realistic sense this guy can be used to give extra oomph to Stepp Lynx and Plated Geopead. And I know I haven’t thought out all the possibilities with extra landfall. Even just playing this ability to activate a Searing Blaze could be worth it.

Refraction Trap
Finally one of the more interesting art works of the set. An excellent sideboard option against lightning bolt, that essentially becomes a white bolt. Zap!

Not much to say about this card except that I think it is really, really good. Protects your creature against any burn spell currently in standard (well except a cycled Resounding Thunder) and sets your opponent back in life and cards. Their plan of eliminating your dudes for whatever reason obviously fizzles.



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