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52 Decks – Mono White Allies February 5, 2010

Posted by Norm in 52 Decks.
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Deck 4 - Mono White Worldwake Allies

On this Worldwake eve I thought it would be appropriate to focus on my first deck with the new set. Almost a Zendikar block deck, mono white allies, is a nod back to my old favorite Kithkin. What this deck lacks is Windbrisk Heights and Spectral Procession to be the awesome force that mono white Kithkin was in the days of Lorwyn. However this deck has the awesome ability to do three things that the Kithkin Deck didn’t.

1. Make Huge Guys that Stay Huge

This is a key factor in this deck. In the Kithkin deck removing an enchantment or creature would make your guys smaller. It was possible to decimate the Kithkin board by taking out a Wizen Cenn or Honnor the Pure. With Allies your guys get bigger and stay big. Loosing one guy won’t make the counters on your other Allies go away.

2. Emeria, the Sky Ruin

Late game with Kithkin was always sketchy. Once your hand was spent you basically found yourself in topdeck mode until you either found the exact card you needed (usually Cloudgoat Ranger or Spectral Procession) or you just lost. In Zendikar Emeria, the Sky Ruin gives you the tools to come back from multiple wrath effects. Also don’t forget that when you start to bring Allies back from the graveyard all those comes into play effects will trigger again.

3. Protection from Your Choice

One of the win conditions outside of straight up beat downs is Kabira Evangel. Allowing your creatures to attack through Wall of Denial or Jund whatevers or a Vampire Nighthawk lockdown. This game plan is just nuts. Also with Join the Ranks you can leave mana up to threaten to block and clear out many of your opponents attacks. Even the open mana for join the ranks may be enough to give your opponent pause.

Some Issues

There are a few issues I can foresee with this list. It is weak against fliers. Right now nothing can take out a flyer except for Path to Exile. This might not be a issue mid game as you might be gaining life with Ondu Cleric and trading beats.

This deck will have trouble with a Sphinx of Jwar Isle and Iona, Shield of Emeria just shuts this deck down. If you see an Iona you better hope to have Emeria out and online. However those control decks might be too slow for  fast and steady Allies.

Ajani and Marshal’s Anthem might not be the right fit in this deck. I think they can be extremely powerful making your guys larger than life so I think they deserve a spot in this original list. Although I worry that there isn’t enough removal. Oblivion Ring was a late cut for me when I was whittling this list down.

Finally I want to give props to Nick over at CCG Trade Post for his Ally deck that gave me the original idea for this. I still think that a W/B Ally build could be effective in a way that brings in more control and destruction. Here is the list, enjoy and have fun with Worldwake!

20 Creatures
4 Hada Freeblade
4 Kazandu Blademaster
4 Ondu Cleric
4 Kabira Evangel
4 Talus Paladin

8 Spells
4 Path to Exile
4 Join the Ranks

6 Enchantment
4 Honor the Pure
2 Marshal’s Anthem

3 Planeswalker
3 Ajani Goldmane

23 Land
13 Planes
4 Marsh Flats
4 Arid Mesa
2 Emeria, the Sky Ruin



1. buymorecards - February 5, 2010

I think there is a card that might solve a few of your problems.

Kor Skyfisher. It flies, AND it’ll return any permanent to your hand (land) in the game to replay as you see fit. Be it an ally to replay, or a plains to return stuff to play. Plus it’ll be decently big for 2 mana if there are any Honor of the Pures/Marshal’s Anthem in play.

Also, lets not forget Emeria Angel. (drops those 1/1 fliers with landfall).
Wait, also, there is Ruin’s Ghost for the landfall recursion with anything you need it for.

We could be seeing the return of white weenies as we know it.

2. Nick Davis - February 9, 2010

MARSHAL’S ANTHEM IN ALLIES!!! That’s awesome. Nice deck!

Yeah, it’s all about the protection, I think. That’s what makes Kabira and Ranks soooo gooood together!

3. THE CK - February 12, 2010

Your deck is nice but honor of the pure, ondu cleric, and ajani goldmane, i’m not sure. You should replace by 3 baneslayers angels (give you a flyer, lifelink that doesn’t depand on your allies and a good resurection for marshal’s anthem), 3 day of judgement (reset well the game is you can’t get enought guy and your overwhelm), 4 brave the elements (give extra life to your creatures and good for unblockable attack) and 1 elspeth (just too nuts!!!!). Finaly, cause of the replacement of these cards, the lands should be 21 plains and 2 emeria to ensure that you get mana for baneslayers angel and marshal’s anthem. The deck is a little bit slower, but after turn 5 or 6, this version have far more good option and you get the plains for emeria faster. In this deck, kor sky fisher isn’t good cause you lose +1/+1 token from your creatures

4. Paul - February 19, 2010

Not bad run something similar myself. Only differances is i do not run the fetches(all plains and 4 emerias) and instead of the enchantments i run 2x eldrazi (sick if emeria is up) and 4x doj. 2x lumanarchs never hurt can drop so many blockers can get it off reather easy. Also Ajani is sick but would drop one for an Elspeth she is equilvent to a punch in the face. Overall i like though good luck ill be playing mine tonight for FNM 🙂

5. Norm - February 19, 2010

Thanks for the suggestions. My FNM group has been drafting since Worldwake hit so I haven’t had a chance to really put it to the test. I’m planning on writing a follow up article once I get a chance to play at the local shop.

6. jbohnet - February 25, 2010

I second the suggestion for Kor Skyfisher. I would remove the Ondu Clerics (you’re looking to beat down, not gain too much life). I would say stay away if its not an ally, but KS can return an ally to hand, to pump everyone else again. I think Emeria Angel is good, but not for the ally build, same for Ruin Ghost. You might want to include some dread sanctuary (colorless manland) for some out against protection from white. I also wonder it 6 “Honor of the Pure” type cards are too many — let us know how the testing goes.

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8. ccc - March 31, 2010

xP :S

9. Dax - June 27, 2010

I run a mono white allies.

4 ondu clerics
4 kabira evangels
3 kazandu blademasters
4 talus paladins
4 hada freeblades

4 o-rings
4 journey to nowhere
3 Hyena Umbra

3 path to exile
4 join the ranks

1 Ajani Goldmane

4 Kabira Crossroads
18 Plains

Runs pretty flawless. If i run into someone playing a bounce deck, i keep kor skyfishers and narrow escapes in my side board. o-ring/journey to nowhere + narrow escape = perma removal. Had issues with a Jace/Gideon Jura deck with draw engine and DoJ. Otherwise… usually a solid win by turn 4,5 or 6. Creature removal is the key.

10. Tom - July 27, 2010

I am working very hard to improve upon these deck ideas. Mono White Allies is the way I definitely want to go. Realize that I hardly ever get to play and that when I do, I want to win. Tournament play with G/W Allies left me with 2 wins and 6 losses, most of which could have been wins, if I didn’t overdraw land. Emeria could have helped, if the deck was mono-white. Please keep up these posts. I NEED THE HELP FROM YOU GUYS. Thank You!!!

dubiboy - September 9, 2010

I am very interested in building an ally deck guys. I’m an old player back in my faerie and kithkin days. Im planning to be active again in playing magic cards and the main reason is the allies,i just love playing white decks. After reading your posts i have built a mono white deck. I don’t know the gameplay these days guys please give me feedbacks and criticsms.Thanks. Here’s my list:

4 Hada Freeblade
4 Kazandu Blademaster
4 Talus Paladin
4 Kabira Evangel
2 Ondu Cleric

4 Honor The Pure
4 Journey To Nowhere

4 Conqueror’s Pledge
3 Join The Ranks
2 Condemn
2 Brave The Elements

4 Tectonic Edge
2 Emeria The Sky Ruin
17 Plains

The theme is an ally token deck. I could go fast for allies in early rounds then go token onwards. Honor the pure and Conqueror’s Pledge is just insane,and with join the ranks and other allies its like a platoon of soldiers attacking the battlefield. By the way my build did not include cards that will be done in standard by october and it’s kind of a budget deck. I hope someone could help.

Mitch - October 8, 2010

It may be a month late, But I run a post rotation version of this that focuses on life gain (so that swinging out is no longer an issue) and I figure someone could have some fun with it.

I go consistent 4-1 and 5-0 at FNM vs B/U control, RDW, Vamps, etc (basically all the ‘Spike’ players with intarweb fueled decks). So here’s the list:

White Allies (Splash Blue):
4x Hada Freeblade
4x Kazandu Blademaster
4x Kor Firewalker
4x Ondu Cleric
4x Kabira Evangel
2x Talus Paladin

2x Jwari Shapeshifter
2x Sea Gate Loremaster

4x Join the Ranks
4x Journey to Nowhere
4x Honor of the Pure
2x Marshal’s Anthem

4x Glacial Fortress
2x Island
14x Plains
4x Condemn
4x Brave the Elements
3x Repel the Darkness
4x Baneslayer Angel

The main decked Firewalkers are because my local meta has a ton of red removal and RDW, plus it’s a 2/2 for 2. The BSA’s are sideboard because well, I don’t usually get enough mana to play them. By the time I can I’ve already won or my opponent has forced me to discard them.

I find my losses come mostly from land control and black discard, or just getting locked in at 3 mana. Not having join the ranks at the ready can really flop the game out of your favor.

Well that’s all for me tonight. Good article, hope my input helps someone. Peace.

11. Brian - November 2, 2010

I run a mono white ally

4 hada freeblade
3 talus paladin
4 kabira evangel
4 kazandu blademaster
4 ondu cleric

4 join the ranks
4 safe passage
4 brave the elements
4 smite
4 emerge unscathed

18 plains
4 emeria, the sky ruin

works really good considering brave the element, emerge unscathed, and smite all save my creatures from kill/burn spells or chump blocking and having a 1/1 token still live. Safe passage obvs because In case I have nothing out or They have amassed a lot of creatures I can simply pay the 3 for an overpriced fog. I keep ondu cleric in because with the emeria combo if the game lasts that long I can gain more life than my opponents can chip away. it runs really nice for me.

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