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Worldwake Blue Review February 9, 2010

Posted by Norm in Worldwake.
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Welcome to my Worldwake Blue Review. Check out Worldwake in the full visual spoiler or on the Gatherer. The purpose of this review is to share thoughts and insights into a handful of cards, not identify the five best cards of a color.With that lets dive in.

One of two counter spells in Worldwake that has a unique ability to be really annoying. Earlier tonight I was double dispelled in a small counter war not expecting my opponent tho have two in hand. I was expecting Negate or maybe one Dispel but he was able to win the war with two blue mana up. I like Dispel for this reason, versatility. It is going to be difficult to play around and I think will help control get back in the game. There are a lot of counter spells right now in standard. Yes Cancel is has the steepest cost but the others are cheap and effective. Dispel is only going to help control players really control, and counter, a lot of spells.

Now with that said. Control is freaking annoying to play against. Fortunately I like to play aggro or creatures and Dispel against creature based decks isn’t going to be that great. Although it does provide defense against Lightning Bold and company.

Jwari Shapeshifter
Here is one creature that I’m really looking forward to playing although I don’t currently have a standard application in mind. I don’t see blue being a main color in Ally decks so my mind wanders to other casual applications. First off Jwari Shapeshifter can copy changelings. This includes the best changeling Chameleon Colossus. How crazy would a blue green extended deck be with 8 potential copies of that guy.

Back to standard making extra copies of your best Ally is going to be really exciting. I recently gained a lot of respect for Kazuul Warlord so bringing out the Shapesifter with him in play is going to really pump up your team fast.

Quest for Ula’s Temple
Quest for Ula’s Temple has to be one of the most interesting card’s I’ve seen in a long time. The art is different, quests are still new, and playing awesome creatures for free is just one of the best things you can do in magic. Everything about this cards just tickles the imagination.

I did a search for Ula in the Gatherer and there isn’t anything. So for all you flavor people out there I have a feeling there will be something interesting in Rise of the Eldrazi.
Keep an eye out for a 52 Decks post featuring this quest. It is going to be one fun deck.

Vapor Snare
Blue may not be the all permission force it has been in the past, and I’m very OK with that. It seems that Wizards is doing different things with blue and printing spells like this give blue a different kind of control to explore. Sure there have been many Threaten spells printed over time but this is more liken to Dream Lease and keeping control of your opponent’s creatures while giving you a means to power up landfall abilities.

The casting cost is a bit steep but snagging your opponents late bomb always makes a huge difference.

Wind Zendikon
When I first saw this card I couldn’t believe how strong this creature can be. A 2/2 flier for essentially one mana. Huge. If you make a creature out of your island turn one, then you are either trading a land for a creature (which obviously isn’t good) and attacking each turn, or you are keeping a 2/2 blocker up with counter magic avalible. Then when you get your mana online start beating down with land.



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