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52 Decks – Specter’s Quest February 12, 2010

Posted by Norm in 52 Decks.
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Deck 5 - Specter's Quest

Welcome back to 52 Decks.

This past week Aaron says to me, “Who would ever play this card?, it’s crap, blagh, poop, I spit on you Quest for the Nihil Stone.” And at first I agreed with him. Now Aaron has pretty good card evaluation skills, and he’s probably right, no one will ever play this card. However, when he said that a little voice piped up in my head, “But there is a lot of discard in standard.” I think I might have even repeated this out loud. Then the wheels in my head started turning – Blighting, Duress, Liliana, Hypnotic Specter.

Specter’s Quest!

4 Quest for the Nihil Stone

4 Cunning Lethemancer
3 Guul Draz Specter
4 Hypnotic Specter
4 Slavering Knulls
4 Sanity Gnawers

4 Terminate
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Mind Shatter
2 Liliana Vess

10 Swamp
6 Mountain
4 Dragon Skull Summit
4 Akoum Refuge

Obviously I need to play black and I wanted to play Blightning, so that defined much of the build from the get go. Playing Hypnotic Specter and Guul Draz Specter was an easy decision and I struggled with splashing blue for Sedraxis Specter. In the end I decided that I just wanted to stick to B/R and cut blue out of the equation.

I had a lot of great options for discard and creatures. Even considering Nyxathid for the mid to late game beats. One creature that really fit my theme is Cunning Lethemancer. It doesn’t need to do anything but hang out to help get quest online as well as acts as a target for my opponents removal while I wait to play team Specter. Sanity Gnawers seemed like a good support creature keeping my opponents hand near zero and one card closer to completing the quest.

Finally I’m really glad to find a great deck idea for Liliana Vess. I’ve got about four of her, including the duel deck, and I’ve never played her when it seemed to fit right. In this list she is right at home.

Test Drive

I realize that I have been pumping out decks without play testing and I know this is an issue for some people. Trust me I’m doing the best I can to play these decks. Tonight I was able to snag Erik from the local shop and get down to business.

After playing a few games I realize this deck is extremely slow and I might want to add blue to the mix for some card drawing and Sedraxis Specter. Another reason to add the third specter is that I needed better outlets to discard to Lethemancer. I was pitching creatures and other spells that did nothing in the graveyard. Also Sanity Gnawers isn’t so good for the same reason and it costs more. I think Rotting Rats will fit the theme just as well and comes with unearth.

Mind Shatter is a great card in this deck often times being the card that put my opponent to zero in hand and getting quest online. Too bad it isn’t an instant. Sadly the games I won I didn’t ever get to cast Liliana. I often had her in hand but didn’t get to the land for her or would play Mind Shatter or a creature. Since I’m planning on adding blue I’m probably going to need to rethink my plan with her.

Quest was actually really good. He was playing a blue red kinda aggro kinda control hybrid deck with Polymorph, Darksteel Colossus and Goblin Guide. He always had turn one guide so that really made me evaluate my board fast. Anyway, quest usually dealt 10-15 damage per game. My early turns were focused on wrecking his hand and mid game I was just trying to eak out enough turns to let quest in for the kill. I think I won half the games.

Specter’s Quest 2.o

Obviously the deck is too slow and I need to find some creatures I can get back from the graveyard. Here is how I would adjust the deck:

– Liliana Vess
– Sanity Gnawers
– Lightning Bolt

+Rotting Rats
+ Sedraxis Specter
+ Dispel
+ Sign in Blood

My only problem is that I don’t have room for Sign in Blood, maybe I cut the Slavering Knulls. Anyway You’ll have to stay tuned for how the adjustments work out. Otherwise leave your suggestions in the comments.



1. Erik - February 13, 2010

Once that quest started there was little stopping it. 5 per turn is outrageous especially when you can keep your opponents hand at 0 at that point in the game.

Of course my initial thought when it comes to discard is “Megrim!” Then I remembered how slow that card is especially compared to the quest. It’s out there on turn one and keeps the opponent weary of playing magic.

2. nEpH - February 19, 2010

How do you deal with aggro with this deck? Like RDW or Boros.

3. Norm - February 19, 2010

Good question. I was thinking about playing Infest, Wall of Bones or Vampire Nighthawk.

4. nEpH - February 20, 2010

I’d prefer nighthawks and scepter of fugee.
How bout this list
22 lands
3 nyxathd
3 hypnotic spectre
3 vamire nighthawk

4 quest for the nihil stones
4 blightning
3 scepter of fuge
4 sign in blood
4 terminate
4 lightning bolt
3 smother
3 burning inquiry <-late game activation of the quest

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