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Omnath FNM Edition February 13, 2010

Posted by Norm in FNM, Worldwake, Zendikar.
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Last night found me pitted in Psychic Battle otherwise known as Friday Night Magic. It was the first night for Zen, Zen, Wwk draft and boy was it a fun one. As I walked to the store considering my strategy I thought I might try to force a green blue deck with fliers and fatties. I’ve seen this strategy work on Draft Better and figured it would be worth a shot as Allies can fall short unless you draw some bombs and every body and their brother is drafting black red. Turns out I made the right choice as I was one of two people drafting green.

My blue strategy took a quick backseat to a second pick Journey to Nowhere and multiple Kor Skyfishers. White was truly a splash color as I was really heavy in green with the typical cast. Worldwake really filled out my deck when I was past the mother of green in Worldwake, Omnath, Locus of Mana. I was kind of shocked to see such a bomb passed pick three of the pack. My awesome reward for playing green.

Worldwake Green

My other green from Worldwake was pretty good too. Explore is one of the few draw spells in green, ever. Khalni Garden is one of the best comes into play tapped lands, free creatures are good. Also I took a chance on running Savage Silhouette and having an extra target for that spell to act a wall or whatever works for me. Quest for Renewal is particularly strong and very simple to get online. When I had Savage Silhouette out with this quest up opponents just couldn’t get through. Depending on your board position you maybe able to get four counters on the quest the same turn it comes into play. Regeneration on blockers interact really well with the quest too. Since I was splashing white I snagged two Loam Loins floating around, these guys rock.


I went 3-0 handling my opponents easily, Canopy Cover usually provided the path for my creatures to smash and multiple Territorial Baloth and Loam Lion gets me there. Omnath delivered as well, the highest I had him was 10/10, but I had to use mana at one point to kill a Archon of Redemption with a kicked Oran-Rief Recluse. The trickiest part about Omnath is getting him in play. Maybe I was more paranoid than I needed to be because I always slow rolled him hoping to draw out other removal from my opponent. He is really vulnerable the turn you cast him. When I had enough land in play, I would tap out putting all my mana into the pool so he would be larger as soon as he was in play.

I lost round four to the only other player drafting green. He was playing green red and had burn to keep my side of the board clear. The games were close and he had to top deck Mold Shambler for the win game one. Game two he wins with Bladetusk Boar one of the best red creatures in limited.

I’m no draft expert but I’ll put my money on green for now.



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