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52 Decks – MonoGreen Madness February 26, 2010

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Deck 7 - MonoGreen Madness

Yesterday I asked twitter if there were any suggestions for a 52 Decks post. This is what I got from @YoMTGTaps.

Click the image for his link. If you read his post you’ll see he has designated tonight as Mono Green Stompy night. Now only hearing about this yesterday afternoon I’m not able to pull the cards together for a deck list but I figured it is a great 52 Decks topic.

First Try

At first thought I had a bunch of cards in my head that thought would go great.

master of the wild hunt
lanowar elves
quest for renewal
beastmaster ascension
garruk wildspeaker
algae gharial
primal bellow

But after looking through the Gatherer I wasn’t feeling so excited about just grabbing a bunch of green dudes. Also I didn’t want to just “invent” a similar list to what Joe had made. So I started in a different direction a little more aggro.

Aggro Green

Elvish Visionary
Elvish Archruid
Elvish Piper
GreenWeaver Druid
Lanowar Elves
Joraga Warcaller
Nissa’s Chosen

Nissa Ravine

So I started to pull this together with the plan of getting tons of green mana in my mana pool for Omnath. This might be a good build in general but it was feeling too much like Eldrazi Elves. Again I wanted to do something different.

Third Time is the Charm

While pausing cards, Avenger of Zendikar really jumped out at me.

Lets do a quick review of why some cards are awesome.

1. Comes into play abilities that can change board position dramatically in your favor.

2. Free spells or creatures. Check.

3. Continuous or triggered effects that are basically free. Double check.

In summery, Avenger is a 5/5 beast of an elemental that gives you a potential of seven other dudes when he enters play, and makes them bigger on consecutive land drops. I hadn’t considered this guy for an FNM previously but in the spirit of green stompy this guy will bring the smack down like USA over Finland, in the Winter Olympic Hockey Semifinals.

Here is draft 1 of the deck list.

23 Creatures

3 Avenger of Zendikar
4 Master of Wild Hunt
4 Leatherback Baloth
4 Topan Ascetic
4 Arbor Elf or Lotus Cobra
4 Lanowar Elves

13 Other Spells

2 Quest for Renewal
2 Overrun
2 Beastmaster Ascension
4 Harrow
3 Vines of Vastwood

24 Land

4 Khalni Garden
20 Forest



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