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Eldrazi Spoiler – Kozilek, Butcher of Truth March 1, 2010

Posted by Norm in Spoilers.
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Happy March everyone. This morning Wizards of the Coast said the same thing and shared the first Rise of the Eldrazi spoiler Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. You can see the card below but I also suggest you check out today’s Arcana update and watch the animation. Just click the “Eye” of Ugin.

A 5.0 Upgrade

My first thought was Darksteel Colosus 2.0, but who am I kidding more like DC 5.0. First off it costs 1 mana less and has one more power. Simple upgrade yet extremely significant. If you are playing with Eye of Ugin getting to this guy two turns earlier is also quite a big deal. A 12/12 that you can cast with any color mana and possibly only pay 8 is really awesome. A quick search in Gatherer relveals that there is only one creature with converted mana cost of 8 with power 10 or greater, Denizen of the Deep. At 10 mana we have two creatures, Progenitis and Krosan Cloudscraper. Well we do have a 13/13 for one mana in Worldwake so maybe I shouldn’t be so excited.

To Cast or Not to Cast

If you are willing shell out the 8 to 10 mana for Kozilek, you don’t just get a 12/12 colossus you get a card drawing bringer of death that scoffs at Terror. How crazy is draw four cards on any creature. I can’t think of any other creature card that gets you four cards as you cast it. Cast is a very important word on that ability. If you some how cheat Kozilek into play via Polymorph or Elvish Piper you didn’t cast the spell and that ability won’t trigger. So sorry guys who were planning on tweaking decks with Summoner’s Trap. Getting those four cards is going to require you to cast this guy.

With that said there are ways to cast for free, like Windbrisk Heights or Hypergenesis. I’m sure there are some other possibilities as well, are their any Mirrodin block spells that give all artifacts affinity?

UPDATE: So I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the type line and this creature isn’t an artifact. Not an artifact.

Progenitis Say What?!?

Assuming you find an awesome way to bring this guy into play, lets take a look at his Annihilator. Whenever Kozilek attacks the defending player sacrifices four permanents. That can be really devastating. Before damage, before blockers are declared your opponent will have to choose between land, creatures, and Planeswalkers.

Also Kozilek makes Progenitis look like a wall. A wall with a clock at that, even if your opponent fogs, they still loose four permanents, pretty soon they won’t have any mana or creatures to deal with your awesome threat.

Colorless Set

Finally take a look at the card number, 6 of 248. We could be looking at a colorless block. Unless Wizards has some hybrid artifact spells up their sleeve we are look at a ton of lands and colorless spells. Ghostfire anyone.

Finally I love the new card art. Are we going to see a shift away from the boarder on this set. Makes the art jump even more and feel more like the cards from Future Sight, minus the sci-fi boarder.



1. jjames127 - March 1, 2010

It’s not an artifact. Check the type line. Just a creature with no color. Artifact cheapeners don’t interact with it. And Terror most definitely deals with it.

Norm - March 1, 2010

Right thanks. I was focused on making sure I understood the abilities I didn’t pay close enough attention to the type.

2. CopySix - March 1, 2010

I should think that we are standing on the edge of a knife here – this could be the most anticipated / epic set in a while or perhaps the most reviled / lame set – let loose the rumour mongers !

3. Lloyd - March 1, 2010

Hell ya… that is all

4. Robert - March 3, 2010

This could easily go either way. Yes it is a giant bomb, on par with Progenitis or Akroma, but it dies to the same things those two do. I think this will be an awesome set, however this is just a excellent teaser that will get everyone excited for Rise of the Eldrazi and rightly so! Who wouldn’t want to crack this in the prerelease events? Just have to remember where there is a bomb, there is a solution, this will have answers such as terror or doomblade, not to mention whatever is built into the set that will kill this, as with the new manlands, they reprinted smother. I personally want to see the uncommon/rare that drops down for 4 or 5 mana with Annihilator 1 or 2. Much more devestating and viable for T2.

5. Hawk - March 5, 2010

well Norm you sound like you are behind a little bit but terror has been replaced by doomblade. Not to say terror won’t take care of it. Also Robert you cannot compare this card to progenitus when prog has protection from everything leaving you with barely any options on dealing with it. Where our Eldrazi friend here, big as he may be, can be killed by any direct or indirect kill spell. I see this card winning drafts and sealed tournaments but for constructed I think its too slow for the tempo of the majority of standard decks right now.

6. Robert - March 5, 2010

I’ll have to check the rulings but I do believe that global removal such as Wrath of God, Decree of Annihilation, and Damnation. Also any blue deck can happily toss a Remove Soul or even, dare I suggest it, use Spell Snip to counter Progenitus. Sure Progenitus ends the game in three turns, but the question is, will you or it survive to actually win…

7. Norm - March 5, 2010

One aspect of Kozilek that I didn’t cover in the post is what happens when he goes to the graveyard. He could be used with the full intention of getting into the graveyard. Even if countered he’ll shuffle everything back in. This makes playing howling mine decks really appealing. Get a few out with memory erosion and you will be protected from milling yourself.

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11. Mikael - April 21, 2011

Yeah, this certainly reminds me of Darksteel Colossus, but the artwork is kinda terrible. DC is so much cooler!

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