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Mono White Allies Revisited March 2, 2010

Posted by Norm in 52 Decks, Constructed.
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Thanks to everyone who left comments on my original post about the deck. I started to give an update in the comments but I thought I might as well just write a new post. So if you are unfamiliar with that deck go check it out under 52 Decks – Mono White Allies.

Initial Thoughts After Play Testing

Basically what happens is that I run out of gas around turn four or five and I’m in desperate need of reset or more cards. Sometimes it’s nuts and I have Kabira Evangelist out and I’m dropping guys each turn and swinging through defenses. Most games that is not the case and I’m struggling with my opponent’s board and developing my own. Especially against aggressive decks, and lets face it everything is aggressive now-a-days.

This deck has some power. If you can protect your allies you can build an awesome army that will ignore any blockers and smash face. The instant speed Join the Ranks is a huge threat even if you just have four mana up. With the three Allies that get counters a simple Join the Ranks can change your board position from good to awesome fast.

The major flaw of this build is in my greediness for “gets +1/+1” and life gain. Ondu Cleric and Talus Paladin is a little much. In 2.0 of this build I’m going to focus more on Talus Paladin and cut the cleric. The life gain swings mid game with the paladin is more that enough to keep you above board and able to swing in with dudes.

Comment Recap

I really enjoyed the feedback on this deck and wanted to thank everyone who left a comment. There was a little debate about Kor Skyfisher but in the end I’ve got to agree with THE CK’s suggestions.

Your deck is nice but honor of the pure, ondu cleric, and ajani goldmane, i’m not sure. You should replace by 3 baneslayers angels (give you a flyer, lifelink that doesn’t depand on your allies and a good resurection for marshal’s anthem), 3 day of judgement (reset well the game is you can’t get enought guy and your overwhelm), 4 brave the elements (give extra life to your creatures and good for unblockable attack) and 1 elspeth (just too nuts!!!!). Finaly, cause of the replacement of these cards, the lands should be 21 plains and 2 emeria to ensure that you get mana for baneslayers angel and marshal’s anthem. The deck is a little bit slower, but after turn 5 or 6, this version have far more good option and you get the plains for emeria faster. In this deck, kor sky fisher isn’t good cause you lose +1/+1 token from your creatures

I agree that loosing counters on my early guys is basically giving my opponent a free removal spell. In the future I might consider a lone Skyfisher for mid to late game bouncing of Evangelical.

Mono White Allies 2.0

18 Creatures
4 Hada Freeblade
4 Kazandu Blademaster
4 Kabira Evangel
4 Talus Paladin
2 Baneslayer Angel

15 Spells
4 Path to Exile
4 Join the Ranks
3 Day of Judgement
4 Brave the Elements

2 Enchantment
2 Marshal’s Anthem

2 Planeswalker
1 Ajani Goldmane
1 Elspeth

23 Land
21 Planes
2 Emeria, the Sky Ruin

Let me know what you think and I’ll give you another update after more play testing.



1. Ben Atlas - March 3, 2010

I miss Ondu cleric…

2. Ben Atlas - March 3, 2010

Also you might try Armored Ascension. A buffed up flyer, not bad…

3. jbohnet - March 4, 2010

How are you feeling about Marshal’s Anthem? I haven’t tried it out yet, I thought it seemed expensive for the effect…

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5. Robert - March 5, 2010

Well look at Marshal’s Anthem in its pieces. It is a Glorious Anthem coupled with a Breath of Life. If you simply smashed the two together you get a mana cost of WWWW3. At the fist kicker Marshal’s Anthem costs WWW3, one less. It fits as a global pump and optional recurrsion for this deck and can be a devastating late game play as you drop several dead allies back into play, with a 1/ 1 boost.

6. THE CK - May 10, 2010

I modified my version of the deck too. My deck needed speed cause it was i little bit too slow. I decided to put 3 ondu cleric and cut one talus paladin cause paladin is a little bit too slow for realy aggressive deck. I also cut 1 brave the element and 1 join the rank cause it hapened too much time that i had only one of those card and nothing else to protect or boost. I added a second elspet cause it helped me win too much time and 1 gideon jura to see what it got(not so bad but not sure at 100%). I stay with 3 bane slayer, ideal number i think. And finaly, cut the marshal’s anthem. Realy good in long term but a pain in the ass when you start the game. For the land, i decided to try the fetch from zendikar, but the change is not realy noticable but that it tend to be mana short or mana flood more often depending on wich land you play.

7. Rob - May 26, 2010

If you’re having a shortage of cards in the late game, could you work in a Sea Gate Loremaster in there somehow? He would solve your problem very handilyi. It wouldn’t be too hard to make him the only non-white in the deck. Throw in 2x SGL, and a couple Ancient Ziggurats/Glacial fortress, and you should be good to go. And let the ally flood continue! With more and more coming every turn!

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