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Rize of the Eldrazi Spoiler Mnemonic Wall March 16, 2010

Posted by Norm in Rise of the Eldrazi, Spoilers.
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Welcome to my second of six Rise of the Eldrazi Spoilers, Mnemonic Wall.

Walls, in my opinion, are generally boring and lame. Some walls can be down right frustrating, Wall of Denial. Other than sitting fat and pretty walls just hang out doing nothing but keeping a few attackers neutralized.

Mnemonic Wall is very interesting in the fact that bringing back the right spell could spell very certain doom for your opponent. Did you already cast Cruel Ultimatum this turn, why not play it again? I don’t see this being a four of in a deck, but I could see this getting some constructed play for a late game recursion and chump blockers.

If only Mnemonic Wall had flash it would be exceptionally awesome.



1. Aaron - March 16, 2010

Plus with the new colorless sorceries and instants (and Eldrazi) in Rise of the Eldrazi, it will be interesting to see what color decks (more specifically, mana) this will be played.

2. CopySix - March 16, 2010

I’m kind of liking this to return Day of Judgement and the ilk back to my hand . . . yep – nice.

3. Drew - June 7, 2010

I use it to abuse the hell out of the one timewarp in my deck combo-ed with rite of replication, well that and sorceries that let me draw cards.

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