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My First Grand Prix Trials April 28, 2010

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Earlier this month I decided to attend Grand Prix DC. Not only for the foil Umezawa’s Jitte but because I have a few vacation days to spare and Grand Prix are always well attended and covered. So I’m hoping to meet some of the MTG community while I’m down there.

Grand Prix Trials

So for those of you who don’t know Wizards holds trials for major events where players can earn byes for a specific event. When I decided to go the GP I checked the event website for advanced trials and luckily there was one schedule for last weekend in Pittsburgh. The trial winner earned 3 byes at DC. That trial winner also happens to be me.

I decided to play Naya Allies which I felt was the best deck because of Kabira Evangel. If you can get your allies online you can keep him protected with Violent Outburst at instant speed. The Allies are bigger and flat out better than mono white winnie. And I think it has a fair matchup agaist Jund. UW control is too slow and I can just crash through your walls with Evangel etc.

Have You Ever Beaten Tripple Baneslayer Angel?

I have.

That was my board second game of the final four. My opponent dropped three consecutive angels. Hitting me each round with them. Our life swings were pretty crazy but I had the advantage with Allies as he couldn’t remove or block them and with Talus Paladin on my side of the board I was gaining more life than he was each turn with his 3 x Baneslayer Angels. I eventually won because I was quite frankly, the beat down. That photo was from right before my final turn when I attacked for the win.

One Awesome Allies Play

In game two of the finals I was up a game and facing Student of Warfare and Steppe Lynx and some other guys. I had on my board a lone Akoum Battlesinger and hovering around 10 life. My opponent is clear on the beats with a fast start and is around 17 life. I have another Battlesinger in hand and draw a third on my turn. Luckily I had two red mana and two white. I play both Akoum Battlesinger making two guys 6/1 and the third a 4/1 I attack and he has to block or die. Even playing a second Battlesinger when you have other allies on the board is huge.

Grand Prix DC

I’ll be there, so let me know if you will be too. I hope to arrive on Thursday and make time for events and shenanigans Friday. See you there.



1. pfirpfel - April 28, 2010

Nicely done. Byes help so much to advance to day 2. Now you got a chance to win some money at the GP!
I just won a GP trial as well last weekend (for Lyon) and am now quite optimistic to make my first day 2 there.

Good luck at the GP!

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