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A bit of Legacy May 9, 2010

Posted by Norm in Constructed, Legacy.

Today I had a chance to play Legacy at Carnegie Mellon University. Mind you I’m not a “Legacy Player” but I do enjoy all formats. The event organizer, Dave, contacted me on facebook early last week and asked if I’d be able to make the event. Normally I’m busy on Sundays but this week was an exceptions.

I haven’t seen Dave around my local store in a while, mainly because he was busy finishing up his undergrad. So congrats.

As I said before I’m not a legacy player and throwing together a competitive legacy deck isn’t so easy now-a-days. If I had unlimited resources I would have liked to play the Reanimator deck Louis Scott Vargas played in this MTGO Daily event.

As it stands I have next to zero legacy cards. So I decided to give Affinity a shot. I’ve been collecting the cards for Affinity and never really had a chance to play it competitively. I always thought the experience would be a lot more fun, but not so in the Legacy environment.

I didn’t win one game today and I blame a little of that on never playing the deck before. Deck experience is really important, especially when making mulligan decisions. I played against Standstill Control and Tooth and Nail.

Despite my epic failure on the day I did have fun, and I hope to play more legacy in the future. And before I go I’ll leave you with this. In one turn I was able to over-extend and drop three Myr Enforcers for free one turn. Smash.



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