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Dragonsmaze Prerelease April 27, 2013

Posted by Norm in dragonsmaze.
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In the prerelease today I chose Dimir as my guild and got Golgari as my backup pack. The Golgari was a lot stronger than the Dimir cards although most of my black removal spells came from my guild pack.

The green was better than most of my blue creatures and I had all the good scavenge guys. I’ll update with my decklist.

I went 3-1-1 on the day taking 6th out of 30 some people. The loss was to a 5 color mostly green blue fliers deck. That had red removal and drew better than me in both games. My tie was against a Boros/Izzet build that just gummed up the board.

Anyway here are the spoils of the day.