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Magic 2011 Product Spoilers May 25, 2010

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Found these while looking at MTG Mint Card’s blog page.

Check out the Wizard Zombies and cool Merfolk.


M10 Official Spoiler Week June 29, 2009

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Today kicks off the official spoiler week at Wizards of the Coast. I always enjoy these weeks as we get to see the creators thoughts and comments about the cards. One new announcement is that there will be a cycle of new tribal lords as spoiled by Tom LaPille. He previewed the new goblin, Goblin Chieftain.


Taking a look at MTG Salvation I think the other lords will be:

Cemetery Reaper
Merfolk Sovereign
Captain of the Watch
And I don’t see anything about the new elf lord.

M10 Spoiler Collective June 26, 2009

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Since I’ve been unable to keep up with the many M10 spoilers that are avalible I thought I’d put out a few links to sites I’m keeping an eye on.

As always MTG Salvation has a really solid collection of the spoilers.

Another blog site that I’ve come to enjoy is GatheringMagic.com. They have a nice comprehensive spoiler page.

And MTG Realm who I’ve come to think of as the MTG Prophet. Since Copy Six seems to be able to read in all the laguages they print Magic, as well as his ability to dig up the good stuff.

Finally the official Visual Spoiler with nice images of the cards.

M10 Intro Pack Spoilers June 26, 2009

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If you haven’t seen the M10 Intro Packs they are now spoiled on the official site in the Arcana. What is exciting about these Intro Packs is that we are seeing some new cards as the foil.

This is a getting caught up post as I’ve been really hard at work this week getting caught up after being on vacation and playing Duel of the Planeswalkers (my review is coming soon).

M10 Artwork Spoilers June 21, 2009

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Happy Fathers Day everyone. To celebrate I’ll get caught up sharing the M10 Artwork that was spoiled this week on Russian site Mymagic.ru.


The above is Vampire Nocturnus and below is the new love of my life, Captain of the Watch.


While I’ve been out March 31, 2009

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This weekend I took a quick trip to Toronto with the girlfriend, and when we came back I brought back a bug so I’ve been under the weather. I didn’t have much time to think about magic on the trip. Although I did look for a place to buy cards I didn’t find one. Granted, I didn’t look very hard but a few of the mini mall shops in Chinatown seemed promising.

So what have I missed since leaving my beloved country.

Booster Packs
The Alara Reborn Booster Packs were spoiled late last week on the official Magic website.

I’m a big fan of these two images, evil angel and snake mistress. I hope each of these cards can live up to the awesomeness of their art.

New Google Themes
We also have new theme images in iGoogle. There are a lot of cool game themes in general now in the iGoogle library. So if you use Google and you haven’t taken advantage of their customizable home screen go for it. I know I find iGoogle very useful.

Still Excited About Regionals
Over the next few weeks I’m going to be preparing for the Regionals in Pittsburgh. I’m leaning toward Kithkin Vengant which is a variation on the red/white Kithkin I’ve been playing. Let me know what you are running and if your in the area and want to play test let me know.

Alara Reborn Playmats March 20, 2009

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Yesterday I saw Alara Reborn Playmats on DragonGuardian.com.

Follow the link to see the names of each card with the artwork. All five are really well done.

Conflux MiniSite Online January 14, 2009

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I’m excited to report that today Wizards of the Coast made the Conflux Mini site live!

At first glance we have all the usual elements of a mini site. Fist is a little bit of story giving the history of Alara and what is happening in Conflux flavor wise. The flavor section also has about five great images.

We have the usual puzzle that will reveal some more spoiler art for the card Armillary Sphere (click here to go straight to the wallpaper). What is cool about this wallpaper is that it is available in new formats like widescreen and iPhone.

Most importantly we have the visual spoiler. Make sure you keep a bookmark of this link handy as the next few weeks it will receive all of the officially spoiled cards. Once the set is released Wizards will update this section with the full set. I’ve found this feature helpful while doing my selected reviews. 

Last but not least there is the product information section. This area is helpful if you are looking for images of packaging. Prerelease/release info or anything else related to Conflux. 

As you go through the mini sight make sure you look at the header images because you’ll see many different creatures that have yet to be identified (like this image).

Also click here for the Conflux Orb of Insight. Conflux Spoiler season has entered full swing so enjoy chasing the spoilers while they last.

Conflux Continues: Intro Packs December 18, 2008

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Like said in my previous post I got a double shot of Conflux spoiler today, part 2: Intro Packs. Obviously they are keeping each shard in its own deck pretty much the same as in Shards of Alara. There is no sign of deck lists yet but here are the deck images and names.

For larger images and the official announcement click here.



One other thing. 

Wizards released this video with more art and names, from Worlds. 

Conflux Spoilers Continues December 15, 2008

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I love a new set spoiler season. Each day is like a mini christmas!

There have been numerous postings about this information on MTG Salvation and around the web. Copy Six at MTG Realm beat me to blog on this info, so since I’m kind of busy today, you can read about the World’s Spoilers and announcements on his site. 

The one announcement I’m kind of stoked about is the foil Garuk players will receive when buying a copy of Duels of the Planeswalkers for XBox360. Since I’m already planning on picking up the game this will be an extra bonus for me. I don’t know why they are mailing the card to people when they could just include on in the game packaging. 

One worried thought I have is that the game isn’t that great so that is why they are choosing to give out a good card with the game. Instead of Garuk Wizards should release exclusive copies of Nissa Revane. That would really get the game flying off the shelves.